How to Buy Denim for Curvy Ladies

Curvy ladies can have a tough time choosing a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. The variety in terms of sizes, washes, fit, rise, color, etc. can be overwhelming. You should have basic knowledge about how to buy denim. Some of the salient considerations that can help to buy quality denim for curvy ladies are as follows:

Choose the Right Rise

Denim rise is the distance between the middle of the seam between your legs to the top of the waistband. Getting the rise right is important as it decides where a pair of jeans sit on your body. It decides where the waistline is. Curvy women with a heavier body should avoid wearing low-rise jeans. These jeans sit nearly 2-inches below the navel. High-rise jeans are perfect for curvy women. It can conceal the extra pounds that you may have near your belly area. They can be paired with t-shirts or shirts for a casual and comfortable look.

Find Your Fit

Once you have sorted out the right denim rise, the next thing is to find your perfect fit. If you have a curvy and heavy body, then avoid buying skinny jeans. They can exaggerate your curves and make you look bigger and heavier. They can also feel uncomfortable when worn for long periods. Straight cut jeans are better for curvy women. You can opt for dark-wash or colored straight cut denim for getting a slimmer look. It is important to buy denim based on your personal preferences and comfort.

Choose Right Wash

Different washes can add style and conceal or reveal your body proportions. Dark wash denim is best for curvy women as it has a slimming effect. It conceals your curves and extra weight and makes you look slimmer. They are also easier to dress and more versatile than other denim washes. Light and medium wash denim is ideal for casual events and gatherings. You can team them with comfortable t-shirts to get the perfect casual look.

Try Buying Black Denim

Black denim continues to be a staple for women globally. They are very versatile and can be paired with multiple apparels for getting diverse styling. You can use them for night events and semi-formal occasions. Black denim is also excellent for masking your extra pounds and is perfect for curvy women. You can team them up with jackets, blazers, etc. for getting a chic and casual look. Add another layer of clothing by wearing a t-shirt under your jacket or blazer to further enhance your style quotient. Team your favorite black leather jacket with black denim to get a cool biker vibe and style.


Buying a pair of denim for curvy women can be difficult. You should explore the maximum possible options in various stores for buying the best denim for curvy women. Online marketplaces have been growing exponentially and offer an interesting platform for buying denim. You can get more variety and amazing deals while shopping for denim online. You can visit for exploring the best denim quality at competitive prices.

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