A great pair of jeans is always the best in anyone’s wardrobe. And, if you are the type of guy that finds it difficult to wear something great due to the work out you do or maybe you are the type of guy who likes skinny jeans but due to the athletic and built body you have. You don’t seem to have the best jean for your outing due to this. You have definitely come to the right place to check out the best jeans for you. Because we know how difficult it can be for big fellas to find a jean that fits comfortably and flatteringly.  Each of these ten jeans that will be discussed will provide their own unique version of comfort, versatility, aesthetic appeal and performance to ensure that your jeans don’t limit your lifestyle.

             So, if you are a body weight master, Cross fitter, and bodybuilder these jeans will fit right and comfortable for you.

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Barbell Straight Athletic Fit Jeans-

        This type of jean fits perfectly for men that work out, this jean signature is built for muscular body and still stretchy to move freely inside. This jean is made with 91% cotton, 2% spandex, and 7% polyester.  This straight jean provides straight and stretchy comfort all around the trunk.  All sizes of these jeans are set to fit perfectly even with the waist compared to others. So, it is advisable to check this out for that sexy body. This denim jean is also flexible to move around in, which is almost a must-have for every athletic guy irrespective of how bulked-up- your thighs could be. It comes with five pockets and a coin pocket in one of the front pockets.

Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

      A slim fit jean represents so many things like a trending style these days and it also fits perfectly with any trends. But this particular pair of jeans is representing a slim fit jean and comes with what most people see as a leg opening and not too tapered, which are always slightly. Its leg opening size is at 14.5 inches, which placement is below the waist with a slim fit that stretches from the hip to the ankle. Also, the finishing on the 511 jeans are in different colors and they all bring the worn-in-look, they also appear to have a zip fly with button closure and five pockets.  And, for taking care of this beauty, it is advisable to wash them with hands in cool water while they are inside out and they should also be soaked gently for 30 minutes with a mild detergent and dry on the clothesline.

Size up Tri-stretch Denim Jeans

      This torn or ripped jean style is buzzing hot on the streets, as it represents what every fashion-conscious hustler wants. With the jean ripped on the knees, it still goes ahead and represents a fashionable look, which makes it a match for any causal activities especially for younger men. Size up Tri-stretch jean comes with a tight fit and an edgy style with four pockets and a covered zipper in the front with a fastener button.  But the distressed look this jean brings is here to stay and trend and it will be accepted with huge respect, so if you are getting jean from Size up especially the Tri-stretch, just know that you are going out with the best look and style that can never go wrong.


ZLZ Slim Fit Jeans

        These jeans are said to stop aging in men and make them look much younger and handsome. But it is also advisable to have the body shape in full to make them all work out. Also, they are said to be among the top best skinny jeans for men worldwide, which also comes with a unique look that makes them different from others. And, they are also among the best with good comfort and superior stretchy fabrics, unlike others.  They have the triple stitching on the inseam that makes it durable and good cut that makes leg much longer, they also come in different colors which doesn’t fade. This jean comes with a strong zipper, five pockets and an admirable look that is great for any informal and semi-formal outings.


Silver Jeans Co. Men Zac Relaxed Fit Straight Jeans

       This jean is made with 100% cotton and a laid-back feeling with huge comfort, that makes it stretchy. This jean comes with reinforced stitching on the belt loops which make sure there is no ripping. And they are made to be durable and the best denim, also every size has front and back pocket, the front pockets come with a smooth look and feel. This Silver jean also comes with five pockets design, button closure, and zip fly.  It should also be noted Silver jean has been around for a while close to a century with a good reputation. So, this straight is highly recommended for men that work out and wants to look relaxed and comfortable in a jean.

  Wrangler Authentic 5-Pocket Regular Fit Jeans

          Wrangler jeans have come a long way for their name and they have popular among cowboys in America. And, they have been able to keep up with their good reputation that is been known for fit, durability and a relaxed style that is accepted by people with rough jobs. This particular 5- Pocket Regular Fit Jean comes with a style that matches everyday use and most especially for men that work out. From what the name implies it comes with a five-pocket classic style and good fit that allow them to place on the waist. They are also made of 100% cotton, which also comes within a premium flex denim that contains spandex, polyester, rayon for a better stretch with a zipper fly and button closure embellished on the back pockets. It is also not a bad choice for men that work out and also involve in rough jobs, because you can never go wrong with a Wrangler Authentic jean.

Levi’s Men’s 501 Original-Fit Jean

        This will be the second Levi’s jean on the list and this is because of their good reputation in their jeans. And, if you are to talk about an icon Levi’s 501 Original-Fit jean is the best way to describe an icon and this is because of how remarkable it has been.  This is a jean of over a century and still earns respect for its comfort and style. It is good to note that there is nothing too fancy about this jean but its style still remains over and it has been reconstructed over the years, the latest was in 2013 to prevent it from getting torn easily. It comes with a stitching on the rear pocket, straight-leg design and it is also made with 100% cotton that comes with enough stretch needed to feel comfortable for those muscular legs.  And, it ends with a button fly design which makes it rare one from other jean styles, also has the classic straight-leg fit which strengthens the denim.


LEE Modern Series Extreme Motion Slim Straight Jeans

       This is actually made for active men and for those wants something extra in their seat and thighs, it is good to note that these jeans are baggy. But they are also straight-leg, slim-fit, which gives them a good comfort for their rare style. But Lee jeans have been known to produce jeans that conform to the body, this jean has enough stretch for comfort and doesn’t look loose on the body. Another advantage is that is it comes with an elastic waistband that is motivated for the needs of athletic and physical men. It is that type of waistband that gives you the relaxing feeling you get from other jeans. They are also made with the modern-looking tapered leg that is comfortable to the extreme.

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean Jeans in Dry Cold Black

      This jean represents a strong status for workmanship and detailed attention that helps to set it totally apart from other designers. It is a type of slim-fit jeans that comes without a worn-in-look and no artificial rips on it. It is also with good encouragement and advice to put them on from time to time for at least six months to apprehend a naturally looking tear and wear. It is made of 1% elastane and 99% cotton, they also come in narrow legs opening and the iconic five-pocket style and button closure with a zipper fly. It is perfectly made for the workout men and it comes at an affordable price.

Calvin Klein Men’s Straight Fit Denim Jeans

      The ultimate result of this jean comes with good comfort and a great look for casual outings and semi-formal meetings. Calvin Klein comes with a different look from other brands which comes with good looks and attention. They are made of elastane, cotton and elastic polyurethane which are popularly used in clothing. These straight jeans feel so great and comfortable when worn for the first time. This jean sits comfortably below the waistline with a slim fit through the thigh and hip and with a slightly narrower fit around the ankle. They also come with a nice and great stretch that allows for easy movement around. It also appears to come with a slight fade at the thigh area to give the perfect worn-look, and also appears to have the traditional five pockets and a coin pocket in the front pocket and the back pocket that comes with their omega popular stitch design. Signature.  In all this jean feels so comfortable and smooth when worn for the first time.

 Conclusion -

     In conclusion, this writing was carried out with good research from trainers and body lifters choice and brands opinions for men who love to work out. And also, there are some little tips one should consider before getting a jean and these are:

Fit; Are they the best and best fit for my body size. Always make sure you try them on because a size for a particular brand might look different for another. So, beware of your online shopping.

Craftsmanship; You should always check for the big and little details on a jean like the zippers, picket, and stitching. And your jeans should be worn naturally and must include leather patches unique buttons and care tags. As all these show a great craftsmanship quality.

 Simple look; Do you really need to look flashy and glamorous or just simple and causal. Sometimes, we really don’t need jeans with too much on them for us to look classy.

 The stretch; Are they stretchy enough or just stiff. Check the labels if it includes elastic-like spandex and linen.

 Dark is matchmaker; if you are confused about what color of the jean to go for, just know you can’t go wrong with a dark color as it fits all shirts.

Price; You should always go for something you can afford all day, and if you are getting a cheap jean, you should not consider it as low quality because if the price as price tends to vary.