15 Things You Should Never Wear to The Gym

When people say ‘Dress for success’, yes that’s not about the office corporate. Dress you wear in the gym 100 percent affects your performance. Wear 15-year-old sports bra, or cotton T-shirt actually making your work out harder, and even cause devastation on your body.

We all want to look good and feel good, but, many men/women like to take what they wear to the gym a little far, that’s wearing denim, or completely shirtless, there are some sights to be hold. So we are going to tell what NOT to wear in the gym, so get it right every day.

1 Vibram 5 Finger Shoes

Originally, this vibram 5 finger shoes was designed for walking or hiking, but many of us have adopted it into our everyday wardrobes. Which is completely wrong! These Shoes have fair bit of controversy surrounding, they’re not acceptable at all to wear in the gym. Some of you might say that they’re great for grip and are generally acceptable to wear in the gym. But I must inform you to invest in a pair of proper, specially designed exercising shoes as they will leave with a comfy and better reputation than the individually toed.

2 Boots

Boots? In the gym? Yes, many times we’ve seen some group of men gymming in boots, they’re combat boots or some other variant of really unsuitable shoes. Boots are designed to keep feet warm and dry at difficult terrain, not on the treadmill. Boots shouldn’t be wear as they’ll make feet sweat more than any other shoe, and smelling shocks. So rather than make gym atmosphere smelly just opt for the specially designed gym shoes instead.

3 Leggings

If would’ve thought that the day will come when, someone will say men not to wear leggings. Well, this day is here and you should listen to the wise men advice and who is questioning your choice of leg wear. Leggings for men, are literally it said the tin. That polyester skin tight pieces, that hardly leave anything to imagine aren’t a good look even for building and sweat. If your underwear isn’t supportive, your down regions may look flapping around and whole world to see it. So just opt for a pair of knee shorts or tracksuit and get through your gym session.

 4 Short Shorts

You want to show off your muscular leg muscle as none of you never missed leg day. But sometimes that shorts that some blokes wear are too short and your too extra skin are visible when you were doing leg exercise. Short shorts aren’t a good looking, no matter what the occasion. It doesn’t offer you the support to any skin of your body. So you must opt for support in certain areas. Instead of these extra shorts, you must opt for the pair that fit you above the knee to ensure that they don’t goes up when exercising.

 5 Denim

You must get surprised that people thinks appropriate to wear to the gym. Denim seems to crop more what you’d thinking first. Denim isn’t best to wear whilst when you done gym in all those sweat. Denim in gym isn’t designed to keep your cool body, nor it is designed to be worn while physical exercise. We can only imagine what you gonna end up, if your gym in the denim. So, you pick a material that will keep your body cool after working hard in gym, and plenty out there, which will benefit you in the long run.

6 Sandals

Again you might be thinking who on the earth wear sandals, and go to gym. But unfortunately it happens. Like most of the things we have in the gym, sandals aren’t the right footwear. To sport you when you’re working out, your foot need support as sandals are not the one designed for sport and sport activities. Keep your foot in tip top condition in the gym. Foot support is very important, to avoid any damage to your foot and legs, if you’re not careful. So for support and safety, please don’t wear sandals in the gym

7 Nothing at All

When you get your shape, you like showing it off, but showing off abs looking better at the beach. Because other people probably don’t see your bare sweaty chest near them where they’re working out. Get a GYM T-shirt on top, or tank Tee, to look through your gym session in both style and decorum.

Too Much Neon

Neon is the best material to wear but when you are out on running or cycling at night or even at party. But at the gym. So, other don’t wanna see you in glowing dress and seeing you on the rowing machine, then stick to subtler and less in-your-face color. Go back to black or red sports top which is less likely to show off. If you want to work out in gym without being looking odd, then go for darker color would be better.

9 Massive Headphone

We are not in 70s or 80s and so the requirement for huge headphone is no more. If you wanna look Tony Stark, then go for comfort and less likely headphone to fall off. Just go for an pair of ear buds. Just connect your ear bud and keep your phone aside. As we know music is very important part of gym which keeps you motivated to go for one more set. So select the one which give more comforting and more portable.

10 . 100% Cotton Clothes

Many research result shown that cotton clothes stink less than other material, Chad Moeller said cotton absorbs every drop of sweat and you make you feels like wearing a wet towel. The moister and wet clothing have more bacteria and infect your body if worn for longer duration. A physician mentioned if any park of skin is remained exposed to bacteria, can lead to a fungal infected.

 11. Regular Bra or Stretch Bra

For love of your breasts, do go in gym with regular bra. Saggy old sports bra, losing out is also bad idea. If your bra isn’t supportive while work out, bounce isn’t the problem you will face but you might a moderate to large chest. And the movement can lead to back and shoulder pain after work out. Also can cause the breast tissue damage and increase the chance for sagging.

12 . Jewelry

If you think your jewelry isn’t safe in locker room, then leave it at home. But don’t come on the gym floor with a necklace or pendant on your neck. Because if you run alone with a pendant and enjoy when it beat on your chest, smack on face, get tangled with earbuds or elliptical arms. You might think rings is fine. But no, while lift weight, it could affect your grip and pose a serious risk. Also the pressure of the weight on your ring finger can cause deep indentation and break the skin.

13. Too Tight Clothes

Compression clothing, it designs in such a way which allow the movement of muscle and body. Clothes which are too small or tight on body, that will harm more on your body. Clothing should never be so tight that it effects the movement like shorts or legging which make impossible for you to bend over or descend full squat. And clothes shouldn’t be so tight it stops blood circulation. Small pants can cause leg cramps; tight sports bra can cause breathing problem.


14.  Super-Baggy Clothes

You don’t have hide your body or skin because your trainer or instructor need to see it. Your spine is elongated, because of abdominals engaged and ribs poking out from your body because you are overworking the wrong muscles. Exercise clothes today are made such as that it helps the body. To help the body move in a better way and more freely and comfortably. So you just need to find the outfit that actually fits you and makes you feel awesome in every way. 

15. A Face Full of Makeup

This shouldn’t have said to any ladies that makeup has its time and place and gym is not a place. When you sweat, dirt and oil can set under the makeup of your skin, leads to irritation and acne might come out of your skin. If your real goal is to work out in gym, it would be best to go freshed washed face applying only light sunscreen and keep face skin moist.


Thus, this are the list of 15 things you should never ever have in the gym because you might look funny or you might end hurting yourself. Or damaging your skin or reputation in gym. So it’s better for to listen the tips give and enjoy the gym with more funny.