Having clothes in our wardrobe for every occasion seems like the need of the hour today. We all have so many places to visit and so many friends to go out with, which is why, not only women but men also need to have a line of clothes in their closet.

Today, we’ll be talking about the 4 must-have bottom wear for men. Now, we all know that jeans have been ruling as the best bottom wear for men. But as we have come closer to novelty in every walk of life, men’s bottom wear has taken many forms. Jeans is still there fulfilling its purpose of origin but the newcomers are also setting the world on fire.

Let’s dig deeper to know the 4 must-have bottom wear for men apart from the jeans which will complete your wardrobe in today’s times.

  • Cargo Joggers-

Joggers are loose trousers made of stretchy fabric and typically elasticated at the waist and ankles. Joggers has extended its scope and has spread its braches to introduce different forms of joggers and first in line are cargo joggers.

Cargo joggers are usual joggers whose design is distinguished by one or more cargo pockets. You can pair it with a shirt, tank tops and hoodies. Whether you are going to take this pair to sweat it out at the gym, jog around the park or simply hang out, it will ensure you look good on every occasion.


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  • Denim Joggers-

Denim joggers are more than a jeans and less than joggers.

If comfort plus style is your priority, then these denim joggers are designed for you exclusively. Besides offering versatility, a denim jogger is an ideal combination of style and functionality. It allows you to stretch to any extent you want.

You can wear it casually for a beach party, friends’ gathering or a night out. It is slim like jeans but not too tight unlike jeans. You can pair it with t-shirt, shirt and it also goes with a hoodie.

If you are finding a perfect alternative for jeans, denim joggers are the one!


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  • Cargo Denim Pants-

Bored of the normal pants? Well, well, well! Here’s the latest version of pants with a combination of cargo style and denim in it. The fashion world is proud to introduce the newest fashion in form of Cargo Denim Pants.

These cargo pants are not only comfortable but also offer utility. They have cargo pockets on both sides that help you keep your belongings safe. You can pair these cargo denim pants with t-shirts or collared shirts and round off your look by teaming them with sneakers. This will ensure you get a chic and smart look.


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  • Plaid Pants-

Want to wear something more stylish than usual pants? Searching for more sophistication in mundane range of clothes? Plaid pants are here as your savior.

With bold and stylish design and dynamic details throughout, these plaid pants make you look as good as you feel. These will fit almost any leg type from the amount of stretch they give you plus you can wear them on any occasion. Perfect for a date night or any other festive occasion, these will add extraordinary charm to your personality.


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Add these 4 trendy bottom wears in your wardrobe as soon as you can and your closet is complete clothes wise!