8 '90s Fashion Trends That are Still Awesome

Change they say is a constant thing and that has been evident in fashion from the 90s till date. Fashion is here to stay but it changes constantly. Fashion, trend, and style are most times in the same context. They are also used interchangeably. A trend may fade, a style may no more be in vogue and fashion may become old school, these three are not going into extinct any time soon. 

Fashion is a popular visual appearance of clothing, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, footwear, and body proportion during a particular time. It is part of the lifestyle, whether we are conscious of it or not. Every day we experience new fashion ideas from videos, music, televisions, movies, and books. 

Sometimes, most of the new trends are introduced by the music and movie industries. An example is the Men in Black movies which made Ray-Ban sell more sunglasses.  Also, royalty and political figures can influence what will trend at a time. 

Put differently, fashion is a language that tells a story about the person wearing it. It is a wordless communication tool. The irony of it is that your taste dictates your fashion.  Let me say this that fashion is magnetic and transferrable. The fashion trending somewhere can influence many other areas. There will always be what is trending during a particular period. We witness some events and we listen to some from people that were there when it happened.  

What 90s Fashion was about

Not all of us reading this article were born during the 1990 fashion trend. If you are in your twenties you will have to rely on the story your parents told you about the trend. Then, we pick on any cloth that suit us or what mummy wants us to wear and we are good to go. 1990s fashion was more of comfort than style or any other thing. The decade would go down as one of the great decades for fashion. 

Since the turn of the millennium, fashion experienced great transformation, thanks to technology advancement. Sophisticated designs are everywhere. What we once reverenced as modern and in vogue become old and unattractive to many people.  However, looking back at those pictures that you took then, what was trending then has a resemblance to what we wear now. Can we say what goes around comes around as far as fashion is concerned? 

It is now becoming a reality that the 1990 fashion trend is resurging. What was cool in the 90s is cool again 20 years after. You may be wondering what the buzz is all about, regarding the 1990s fashion trend. It was a decade that a lot of styles from hip-hop to rock, grunge and rebellious came to be. The trends for that period may have faded out but they are staging a comeback while some are still trending.

90s fashion for Men

There are times we inspire ourselves by fashion trends of the past to create new trends. This year, the fashion trends of the 1990s have captured the mind of many, including designers. What was once forgotten is now the source of inspiration. 

When it comes to fashion, men have refused to take the back seat. Fashion trend for men in the nineties cannot be easily forgotten, though some may look weird but they dictated fashion trend back then. Millennial guys or those in their twenties can take inspiration from the nineties fashion era. Though we were kids then, but most of us wanted to dress like Tom Cruise and David Beckham.

The eighties were probably synonymous with excess but the trend of 1990s fashion was known for its free and comfortable style, and many are already making the comeback. The decade witnessed an increase in sneakers, streetwear, and athleisure. Silhouettes were free and oversized, and causal dressing was the order of the day. The list includes snapback hats which started with music icons to biker jackets, turtlenecks, bandanas, cargo pants, baggy jeans, ripped jeans, combat boots, flannel shirts and more.

A lot of men wore leather biker jackets which was the epitome of edgy style in the 90s. Rappers were the people that worn the bandanas the most to represent the gang they belong to. Baggy jeans rule the world in the 90s. In fact, the trend then was the baggier the better. Ripped jeans also formed a huge part of the 90s fashion trend, though a lot of young men or guys wore it then to show the rebellious spirit of the time. 

Combat boots also had their fair share of the fashion trend than with ankle-top, lace-up boots. Flannel shirts, mostly oversized were not left out. They were worn opened with a graphic or plain T-shirt underneath.

Here are some of the 90s fashion trends that are still trending. If you were too young to know what happened then, this is a chance for you to have an idea.

Flannel Shirts

Hooded Flannel $34.99 via Size Up

I don’t see this shirt leaving the fashion world soon. Though it may go, chances are high it will come back like it is doing now.  Flannel shirts were worn in the nineties opened to reveal the beneath T-shirt and you can still go with that trend to give yourself an aesthetic look. 

The flannel shirt has a fine finish on the two sides which gives you excellent softness and comfort. If you love to have it free or putting on shirts that allow for breathability, the flannel shirt is the choice for you. It gives you mobility.  

You don’t need to fear that you may look like on “old school”, style your flannel shirt with cargo pants or dickies. It is good to have one flannel shirt during the cold weather.    Flannel shirts may linger in fashion than expected.

Track Jacket

Track jackets $9.99 via size up 

The truth is track jacket is back this millennial. If you check Google, you’ll find that the number of articles you see about the track jacket is quite large. You don’t need to be an athlete before you can put on this jacket. It was a trendy wear in the nineties, yet it has found its way this season to our fashion style. Social media may be responsible for this. 

Track jacket comeback became more noticeable in 2016 when they were seen on streets fashion runway. Even celebrities are not left, they wear track jacket to suit their purpose. Track jackets played a role in the music world in the ‘90s.

This jacket gives you comfort and mobility. It is soft on your body and you can wear it or without an inner. You can wear it with anything and it is perfect for all seasons.

Graphic T-shirt

Graphics T-shirts $14.99 via size up 

Men’s fashion always trend with the season. The 1990s came with a trend of graphic tee. They were mostly white or black in color with crew-neck. They have beautiful inscription at the front to either show the logo of the brand or funny and inspirational quotes. It was one of the beautiful collections you can find in almost every man’s wardrobe in the 90s.

This graphic T-shirt offers you comfort and elegant look. As expected, it has the logo of the brand inscribed at the front.  It comes in various sizes. It keeps you cool. You can wear this graphic tee under a flannel shirt or denim jacket to command an aesthetic appearance. 

Back Packs

Backpacks $34.99 Via Size up

The backpacks are truly back.  Back Packs have become a necessity that they will always be in demand. Back in the 1990s, backpacks use were for school purposes. Even if you didn’t know the 90s fashion trend I have been referring to, you should easily recognize this. Not to forget that it was the favorite for hikers and mountain climbers.

The backpack was also a major fashion item in the nineties and it appears it will trend even more than the last decade. Men in corporate wear now carry backpack these days. 

The backpack can contain all your day’s essentials depending on the size you want. It has a handle at the top and other spaces where you can keep items that are not too big. The bigger space is for items like laptops, clothes or books.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets $39.99 via Size up

I still can’t tell why the denim jacket has continued to be consistent with their beautiful design. Jackets are essential parts of any man’s wardrobe, but denim jackets have followed every trend and style. It comes in varieties including chopped, nipped, or tucked every season. The truth behind the denim jacket has never failed to remain an important part of men’s fashion trends.

It looks stylish on you and you can wear it during summer and winter periods. It is made of materials that protect you from cold and it will not overheat when the sun is scorching. Having this fashion piece makes you look guyish when you put it on. There is a size and shape that is perfect for you.

Denim Pants

Denim Pants $44.99 via Size up

There are special clothes in every man’s wardrobe that one cannot easily replace and I’m sure one of them is the denim pants. Jeans are arguably a fashion staple and they always experience high and low. It has continued to follow trend after trend.

Denim pants give you a dapper look. It fits your body well and gives you mobility. It is a fashion you would want in your wardrobe. Denim pants are creative with their designs and give you an aesthetic expression.  Denim pants don’t seem to go anywhere soon. Pair your denim pants with a pair of sneakers and look trendy.

Base Ball Cap

Baseball cap via Size up $14.99

Baseball cap is one of the major 90s fashion outfits for men. There have been arguments if donning the cap elevates your look or it gives a naughty look. Either way, baseball cap may linger in our fashion trend.

The baseball cap originated from a baseball team, Brooklyn Excelsiors and gradually found its way to more sports in 1990 and later the men’s world, becoming a part of their fashion items.

With its unique design and flat peak, baseball is a perfect fit for your head. It doesn’t fall off if you wear for workouts as it is made to fit, which means it covers your entire head. It is made of quality material that allows for the free flow of air to your head. Pair this baseball cap with a hoodie and fitted shorts and you will have an excellent look. 

Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses $107.10 via Ray-Ban

Sunglasses have come to stay. It not just trending, it has been doing that since the nineties. They were major fashion accessories in those days. They were so on vogue to the extent that your dressing would not be complete without a pair of sunglasses. But late in the nineties, it began to fade out and now we can only imagine how it made a huge comeback.

With the sunglasses, you have a cool view of the environment from inside while also protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. If you want to have a taste of the nineties trend, get yourself a pair of round sunglasses. Of course, you will not look odd, but it will complement your appearance.

Tips For the Post 90s Fashion World 

Trends come and go but the past cannot totally go away from us. While some may last longer, others may be short, but either way, they may have lasting effects. Now, the fashion trends of the nineties are back with us whether we are aware or not. 

Though it may be done in a modern way, some of the famous styles are now part of our fashion sense in this millennial. Taking inspiration from the past, the trends are being reinvented for a new audience.

Whether we want it or not, some of the nineties trends are here to stay. We only have to take the good and leave the bad.

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