Most of us have denim as common apparel in our wardrobe. We wear it frequently and may not realize some of the common denim mistakes that we may be making. These mistakes can spoil the entire look and feel of wearing denim and making a classic style statement. Some of the most common Denim mistakes to avoid discussed below:

Bad Fit

Fit is perhaps one of the most important points to consider while buying denim. A good pair of jeans should have the perfect fit. It should not be too tight or too loose. If they are too loose, you will look shabby and shapeless. jeans that are too tight can exaggerate your curves and can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. A pair of perfectly fitting jeans should be comfortable and enhance your physique.

Wearing Too Lengthy Denim

A good pair of jeans should be of perfect length. Some people wear jeans that are longer than they should be. This creates fold throughout the length along your legs that look ugly. The ideal length for denim is up to the ankle. Anything above or below that can make you look disproportionate. If your denim is too long, then visit a good tailor and get it sorted. It will only cost you $5-$10 to get the perfect length in your favorite pair of jeans.       

Washing Denim Regularly

A common denim mistake is to wash them too regularly. You should wash your denim only when they get dirty and do not smell fresh. Washing them after wearing them for 5-7 times is a good frequency. If denim is washed too regularly, the fabric gets week and their lifespan is reduced. It is better to handwash denim and dry them in shade.

Overdoing the Distressed Look

Distressed denim is in fashion. They are hugely popular, especially among teens. While buying distressed jeans with minimal cuts and slashes is fine, you must not overdo it. Some people buy distressed denim that has more holes in them than they have not. Such denim does not look good and spoils your entire look and feel. Distressed jeans should not look like worn down apparel that needs immediate replacement.

Buying Cheap Denim

Everyone wants to get the best value for their money and buying denim is no different. However, a common mistake while buying denim is opting for cheap ones. Spending too much on brands is not justified for most buyers. You should also refrain from buying cheap and inferior quality denim. They will be made from low-quality fabric and lack details and craftsmanship. They will most likely get worn out quicker than good quality jeans. Though you will save money upfront in buying cheap jeans, the cost per wear will be much lesser. You will have to spend more on buying a replacement sooner.


Buying a pair of good jeans can solve half of your problems related to its styling. You can visit for exploring a wide range of denim at highly competitive prices.