Dripping muscle tees, shorts, t-shirts, training hoes. That's the typical look of a bodybuilder in his natural habitat, the gym. But how about time spent outside the gym? What are the best fashion finds for your strong, bulky build? What jeans should you settle with? Is the anything out there outside Adidas or Nike?

Those are just some of the questions that are plaguing a lot of minds. Whether you’re out for some casual date or some business deal, the choices are still a bit limited for swole people.

Here are few things you can check for some outfit without scarifying all the gains you have worked hard for:

  • Opt for Slim-Fit Denim

Alright! We know how much you hail the hard-earned muscular quads, but you descendant of Hercules, it doesn’t necessarily mean you got to squeeze it in on a skinny fit in an attempt to flatter yourself. It's not worth the discomfort or restrictive fabric. And chances are, your jeans will rip before you can even rip your muscles in a leg day!

On the contrary, it's not that nice of a look to choose loose jeans to accommodate your bulky legs. The best option that a bodybuilding lad can run for is slim-fit denim. Denim falls on natural fabric, meaning it hugs the shapes of your legs, and they're relatively stretchable as well! The combination of flattering fit and comfortable fabric is the standard jean fit for bodybuilders.

  • Tailoring for Customized Fit

There are not that many clothing treats for big people from casual shops around the corner or even from brands inside the mall. That is where customized tailoring will get the magic done.

If you can't find perfect-fitting pair of jeans, or suit, or any clothing needs that you have, bringing yourself to a tailor will ease your troubles. Get measurements specifically for you, the design, and the fabric of your choice.

It also gives a sophisticated twist to your professional and social life. With this option, you can grind as hard as you can at the gym, gains all the gains you can, without having to worry about changing your entire wardrobe.

  • Ban Anything Skinny

You’re not skinny, so it’s simply not going to work. From shirts to jeans, there’s no point oozing the jerky-jocky vibes outside the gym. It usually puts people off. Not only that, it’s rather uncomfortable to slip yourself in like a sardine inside the tiny fabric. Skinny clothing isn’t a great bang for your buck since they tend to break easily.

  • Stick to a Brand

It’s tough finding a brand that will perfectly fit a bodybuilder. But if you’re lucky enough to have stumbled to a brand that offers what you’re looking for, keep checking in from time to time for new releases.

You don't have to go through struggles looking for good fitting everywhere since you already have an established size with a particular clothing line. It's good to have other options, but it's good to have a store you can run to in case of emergency.

  • Heavy Textures are No-Go

It’s a bodybuilder’s nightmare to have his hard work thrown out of recognition. That’s what texture fabrics do to your gains. Any crocheted/knitted, heavily patterned, and thick fabric will conceal the contours of your muscles. You’ll only end up looking all flabby and bulky.

Opt for a more relaxed and plain fabric to emphasize your huskiness. You don't need anything that impales your progress. That applies to people as well sometimes.

  • Stay Classy

Since there are limited choices for you in the typical shops, sticking to the classy side of fashion is the best option than riding along with the trends. Keep few pairs of slim-fit jeans and some chinos. Tag it along with plain white tees and sweaters with neutral hues. Make sure that you have a black or navy blue trench coat and stay away from anything with busy prints. Though unfair it might seem, keeping off zebra stripes and deep V-necks away is for your good.

  • Avoid the Baggy-Trashy Option

Most of the time, you probably have to choose from the plus-size section, which isn't that bad when it comes to the big room it comfortably gives. But when it comes to the fashion sense of those choices, it's a little off. Baggy, giving off a little trashy look, and let’s be real, it doesn’t flatter everything you have worked hard for.

Going for way too far the other way (skinny) isn’t ideal as well. So take your time finding the proper size with proper fitting, or opt for a tailor of your own.

  • Keep a Safe Wardrobe

It’s basic knowledge that you should style your look off of simple clothing choices. How your jeans will show off will also depend on other factors that hold a look together such as accessories, layers, and what top you choose to pair it with.

Have your plain snuggly fit tees on a variety of shades and colors. Keeping a selection of thin sweaters and leather jackets for your layer is also great so you can have something to fall back into when in rush during the cold season. These long-sleeved pieces won't overpower your natural strong built and looks good with a pair of casual slim-fit types of denim.

  • Stay on the Neutral and Natural Hues

Vibrant flashy colors will give the wrong signals to the people around you. Unless you love them neons, then sticking with neutral hues is the best color spectrum to flatter your built and masculinity. Your clothing is your instant I.D. This doesn't necessarily mean go all black, navy blue, and white. You can also select from faded options to add flavor to your wardrobe.

We know it’s tough to stay on top of your fashion statement like how tough it is to keep on progressing at the gym. We hope that this guide helped you understand the tricks of finding the best jeans and overall look that suits well for our built and personality.