The Best Clothing For The Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The sporting world is getting ready for the Olympic Games. Olympic Games come up every four years and the next edition is some months away. Tokyo, which is the capital city of Japan, will host the next edition coming up in the summer of 2020. The event known as Tokyo 2020 will run from July 24 to August 9 next year. Tokyo will be the first city in Asia and the fifth overall in the world to host the tournament more than once as it has hosted it before in 1964. 

Summer in Tokyo

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Tokyo is one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world and the Asia continent. It is the capital city of one of the developed and highly technology countries in Asia, Japan. The city is a mix of ultramodern and traditional, historic temples and shrines.

Millions of people from different parts of the world are planning to attend this event – some may not be new to the city while some would be making their first visit to the city. Before delving into the main topic of the article, we should discuss what summer is like in Tokyo. If you are planning to come to Tokyo next summer, this article is a guide on the weather condition and type of clothing you would need.

Summer in Tokyo is from June to August and is always a period when the temperature is on the high side. Also, there could be high humidity levels ranging from 78% to 83% relative humidity including sudden rainfall. The temperature is most times more than 30 C. The summer period is always full of various festivals and events, and the Olympic 0 Games would make the city more crowded than before.

You might find it difficult to accustom to the blistering heat, but with the right planning, you can enjoy your stay in Tokyo during the Olympic Games. We advise that you avoid staying outside for too long to avoid heatstroke or heat illness.

During July and August, we recommend that you wear breathable fabric or short-sleeved shirts. A light sweater or shawl is preferable when you are on the train or in stores. 

Tokyo is among the hottest cities during the summer months and the 2020 Olympic Games will be held during this period. The event will run during the hottest days of the summer, immediately after the rainy season. Sunrise can be early as 5AM and may not set until 7PM.

You may not need a jacket or raincoat as part of your clothing. Stepping out in the blistering heat in Tokyo might feel like you are stepping into a sauna. Surviving the heat period and enjoying the Olympic period involves having the right cloth selection and staying hydrated. 

When Tokyo won the right to host the 2020 edition, many had concerns about the weather situation of the period. However, the Japanese government is making efforts to ensure that athletes and spectators are saved from the heat. Nevertheless, each individual is expected to be well prepared for the weather condition of the city. Therefore, we have compiled the list of clothing that you can use during the 2020 Olympic Games to enable you to make the most of your stay in Tokyo. The list also includes the type of shoe you can wear and other necessary accessories.

Dad Hat

Size Up White Soft Mesh Hat

For people visiting Tokyo for the first time, you may not know how hot the city is. With the period expected to be of high temperature, you must be ready to protect yourself from the sun. While taking an umbrella may be an extra burden, having a hat with a brim on to protect you from the scorching sun comes in handy. The sun hat will help protect you from ultraviolet rays and sunburn

The sun hat unveiled by Tokyo governor was made in form of an umbrella. It is made with heat-and-light-blocking materials. It has a chin strap that attached it firmly to your head. While umbrella hat may look awkward putting it on the first time, it helps you stay cool under the sun. It is lightweight so you won’t feel it on your head. Another bonus here is that your hands are free to use your phone to capture some interesting moments.

T-Shirts and Soft Tops

Size Up Cream Crew Split Curve Hem Tee

Japanese are known for their conservative dressing especially in rural areas. But in cities like Tokyo, the dressing can be more casual. During hot weather, t-shirts and tops made from lightweight, soft and breathable materials like cotton are better than heavy tops. A short-sleeved shirt or tank top would do. But if you want to visit religious sites or traditional restaurants in Japan, you need appropriate clothing to cover your shoulders

Generally, it is inappropriate not to cover your shoulders in Japan. However, with the huge number of people from other continents, including America and Europe to Tokyo, you may not attract a lot of stares if you decide to show off your shoulder. You will find many people doing the same. You should go for light-colored cloths as they help to reduce the effect of sun’s radiation. A light jacket might also be necessary as shops and trains can have indoor air-conditioning which makes them cold.

Shorts or Lightweight Pants

Size Up Navy Pocket Shorts 

Jeans are no option when it comes to spending summer in Tokyo due to the heat. Fabrics that are lightweight and breathable are good. The best you can go for are shorts or lightweight pants. Though Japan is a conservative country, foreigners can wear certain type of clothes and exposing your leg attracts no awkward look. Shorts are ideal for this season. Long pants are also good but they should be soft and free to allow airflow. Wearing shorts is allowed in some temples and restaurants in Japan if you wish to visit one. 

Sandal / Slippers 

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Due to the extreme heat during summer in Japan, wearing shoes is not advised. Fashionable sandals and slippers allow your feet to enjoy fresh air. Also, packing one or two pairs of sandals or slippers is handy when you are coming to Japan as you may have to remove your shoes regularly.

Wearing shoe is not a taboo in Japan, but it is not everywhere you can wear shoes to. Putting on shoes in the house is not totally permitted and it is also applicable in some public places like public baths, restaurants, traditional office spaces, and inside temples.

If you plan to visit other places during your stay for the Olympic Games, you need to be conscious of where to put off your shoes. You can go for shoes that easy to put off and on. Flip-flops is not really permitted and try to have your pairs of socks with you. You cannot walk barefooted in certain places too.

Sun Glasses

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Summer in Tokyo comes with a blistering heat that requires you protect every part of your body. Since you will be staying outdoor most times, protecting your body alone from the heat is not enough. Sun rising at a high rate can damage the eyes. You need to protect your eyes from the sun too. Using a sunglass that can block ultra-violet rays is the best option.

Sweat Pads

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Underarm sweat pads can be your saving grace if you sweat a lot, especially if you won’ t be wearing tank tops. They help prevent sweat from staining your clothes. You attach a sweat pad to each side of your clothing; this makes you feel dry. There are various sweat pads you can choose from to suit your convenience.

Yukata Clothing 

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Another clothing material you can go for is yukata. Yukata are worn mostly during the hot summer months in Japan. It looks like a bathing robe or nightgown. Wearing yukata is a good and affordable way to beat the heat in Tokyo. It is airy and loose-fitted. Yukata is made of cotton or linen which is why it is cool and comfortable to wear. Yukata for men are less flashy, short sleeves, and are of dark colors.

Denim Jogger Clothing 

Size Up Tri-Stretch Charcoal Denim Joggers

To enjoy every bit of your stay in Tokyo during the Olympic Games, denim jogger is a must have as part of your clothing for the summer. The Denim jogger is the ideal jogger if you want to enjoy maximum airflow to your body. With it you can beat the hot weather of the period and avoid excess sweating. They are made of soft, lightweight fabrics that gives you flexibility and offer you comfort. You can wear it with casual shirts and look good. It gives you a cool-wearing effect and is a perfect alternative for your jean during the hot period.

Casual Shirt Clothing 

Size Up Sand Henley

As the heat escalates in Tokyo, casual shirts give you comfort and a cool look while helping to keep heat at bay. Light-colored shirts do not absorb heat as dark colors. You many want something more loosed and relaxed fit. The type of fabric is also important during the summer. Casual shirts made of linen or light cotton allows breathability. A looser fit prevents you from having “hot spots” – areas that are prone to sweat and irritation. Also make sure the shirts are lightweight. You can go for any style that suits you.

Men’s Jacket Clothing

Size Up Off White Acid Warm Up Hoodie

Summer in Tokyo is a mix of humidity and heat. However, you cannot predict the weather at all times. There could be heavy downpour when you least expected it. Besides, air-conditioning in shops and some places can make you feel cold. A jacket is a necessary addition to your clothing. Go for jackets that are wind resistant and would keep you warm. Jackets that are made of lightweight fabrics and can repel moisture and stains are also recommended. A jacket with pockets will make it easier for you to keep your small items. Check the outer shell, closure, zipper, and insulation-type of the jacket before you buy it.

Useful tip for traveling to Tokyo

If you are traveling to Tokyo for the first time, these tips come in handy:

  • You must not point your finger at someone, instead, if you want to make a gesture use an open hand. Pointing is rude in Japan.
  • You may have to take off shoes in many places. If the floor of the doorway is put up, it is indicating that you should remove your shoes. You may also need to put on socks in some places. Walking barefoot can be rude. 
  • Wifi is not common in Japan. You will need your wifi device to enable you to connect to the internet.
  • Communication may not be a problem as many people in big cities, including
  • Tokyo speak English.
  • You may need a power converter. The standard voltage in Japan is 10V with type A and type B power sockets. With the lower voltage, a power converter bails you out.


Olympic tournaments have always been one of the most interesting sporting events in the world. If you have interest in coming to Tokyo for the Olympic Games, you don’t need to be afraid of the heat this period offers. You just have to prepare and come with the appropriate clothing apparels and accessories that will make you comfortable all through.

Choosing the right clothing could be overwhelming. We have listed the types that would make you comfortable. You are free to wear your tank tops. Showing off your shoulders may turn heads towards you but you don’t have to worry. However, shorts that look like pajamas should not be worn.

Go for soft, lightweight, and breathable clothes. It is not every lightweight fabric that is breathable. Fabric-like twill does not allow free airflow. If you are buying new clothes, test for the breathability by blowing air through it with your mouth. Another method is to hold it up against the sun and check there are tiny holes within the weave.

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