The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered to the globe a totally different perspective in the way people dress, live and even spend money. Fashion is one of those perspectives that have been changed by the pandemic because of the way people have to live during the lockdown.

Readers will have to agree with me that there has been a major shift in this past weeks from "what is" to "what will now be" due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Fashion is no longer what it is before the lockdown, less is more and people so far are enjoying the freedom.

In one of my many conversations with my bud who is a fashion model in New York, he said that he had to get different colors of tanks for the Lockdown. This is actually the way it is for most guys at home, a combination of tank tops, shorts, baseball caps, and flip flops.

What is a Tank Top?

A tank top is a lightweight and comfortable clothing with designs to keep one cooler than any other basic clothing. Anybody can wear a Tank Top because they bring style to the everyday look.

Occasionally, you can wear Tank tops to give you that stylish casual look and not only to the gym or beach. Unfortunately, some find it douchy and emphasize that you shouldn't wear them in that manner.

Those against tank tops being worn in the public feel that the clothing is designed to be an innerwear just like the boxers which is absolutely wrong. Tank tops were originally designed as sporting wear and then in the early eighties, tank tops evolved into a smart piece of clothing.

Tank tops are now designed so fashionable that it can be worn in a formal way and nonformal way. They are not only made as high-performance shirts for athletes or guys with big guns but for everybody.

What's so Cool about Tank Tops During the COVID-19 Lockdown?

Tank tops are designed to be comfortable especially when it gets really hot, this means they can be worn around the house during the lockdown and also with an open shirt or under a sweater during winter.

People also prefer to wear a tank top during hot yoga or when they hit the gym due to the ventilation the clothing provides during such activities. Bodybuilders prefer to wear a tank top most times because it does not constrict movement in any way. It's important to note that not all tank tops guard against sweating.

Modern Tank tops have designs to give one that sexy look especially for the ladies and bodybuilders who like to show off their guns. An example of such tank tops is the crop tank tops and the backless tank tops which are both available in size up apparel.

Tank tops showcase the arms which is a plus for guys with big arms. On a lady, a tank top can give her all the attention she needs from her man because it is alluring.

Tank tops are very affordable, this is one of the reasons they are trending during the COVID-19 lockdown. Many would agree with me that it makes no sense to buy a $100 shirt during this pandemic, you need to buy clothes that are budget-friendly. 

Therefore, You can get a fashionable tank top on size up for as low as $5 during this lockdown period with free door delivery service.

What type of Tank Top can you purchase from size up for the COVID-19 lockdown?

Ultra-thin Tank Tops

The ultra-thin tanktop style fits slightly close to the body making it versatile and comfortable. If you are taking part in any activity with high velocity, the ultra tank tops will work best for you. For women, the fixed bandeau provides full support during the workout the entire time.

One of the qualities of the ultra-thin tank tops is that they can stretch and loose whenever required. This tank top is actually preferable for Men who like to show off their biceps and muscles prefer to wear tight-fit low cut tanktop style.

Try purchasing an ultra-thin tank top at sizeup during this COVID-19 lockdown for $10.

Style Tip:

The ultra-thin tank top can be styled with shorts, track pants or sweatpants with a pair of shoes or flip flops which depends on what you are going to do. For instance, if you have planned to do running, make sure you wear running shoes only.

Backless Tank Tops

The backless tank tops give an elegant look which makes it a tank top that women wear to formal events such as a dinner occasion or to work. The fancy tank top has a short strip at the back. The back strip is usually from lace material. 

Style Tip:

You can wear the backless tank top with jeans or skirts and a nice pair of heels or boots to make a classy style statement. However, being indoors means the boots or heels won't be required. Also, ladies make sure you wear a necklace, earrings or bracelets to make the whole outfit come together.

White Split Tank Tops

The white split tank tops are made with soft washable fabrics and are usually found in most college guys' wardrobe. They often have a split design at the bottom. The tops are not fancy and they make the arm look bigger. They are also perfect for staying indoors or for casual outings.

If you want to have a basic white tank top with your personalized logo design, you can do that on sizeup where it is budget-friendly or use an online design tool.

Style Tip:

You can pair them with shorts, jeans, trousers, and cargo or jogger pants. Complete your look with smart pair of boat shoes or palm sandals. During winters you can style them under a smart blazer or jean jacket.

Crop Tank Tops

Crop tank tops expose the waist, navel, and stomach. They are perfect for ladies with large busts and in addition, they are extremely alluring. The great thing about these fashionable tank tops is that they come in a variety of designs and colors. They are also comfortable because they are made of cotton.

However, you can wear these tank top styles during workouts or casually too.

Style Tip:

Ladies wear Crop tank tops and they pair them with high-waist jeans or shorts or skirts to give a flirty look. Pair a smart pair of sports shoes to complete your look.

Hurry and purchase a crop tank top at sizeup for just $3.

Drop Armhole Tank Tops

The drop armhole tank top generally looks like a t-shirt with no sleeves and a big hole by both sides. Such tops are famous mostly between men who like to flaunt their muscles and men who enjoy looking good. This type of tank top is also popular among rapper's, a great example is Eminem.

You can also take style inspiration from various celebrities like Liam Hemsworth, Kellan Lutz, Marky Mark or from size up, they give you tips on how to combine clothing.

Style Tip:

Wear it with long shorts, jeans, and stretched pants. If you are going for a casual look with this tank top style, then wear a leather bracelet to make an impact on your outfit.

Print Tank Top

Print tank tops are unique clothing items with a custom design. They are a way for you to have a collection of personalized tank tops and this can be done using the Sizeup design studio. Both men and women wear prints. It’s just how one can add flavor to their whole look.

Style Tip:

Wear a printed tank top with jeans or plain pants. Bind your look together with cool sunglasses, watch and smart heels or moccasins.

Y Back Tank Tops

The Y back tank top is a strap ank top but unlike standard straps, these have Y shaped strap located on the back behind the shoulder blades. The style makes it easy to move arms during workouts. The style is also popular among men. You must have seen a lot of weight lifters or gym freaks wearing this. Women wear the style casually as well.

Purchase a Y back tank top at sizeup during this COVID-19 lockdown for $11.

Style Tip:

The style looks best with shorts, skirts, and high waist pants. Men can wear it with joggers or gym boxers as well.