The new spring season is here and that means loads of new trends, fashion styles, and fashion madness. A new spring season is like a breath of fresh air especially in the world of denim style. 

The big brands will be showcasing their fabrics in a refreshing way but looking good isn’t about expensive clothing. It is about making wise decisions and that will be discussed. 

Jean Denim style

The first denim style for spring season we will be talking about are denim jeans and the first one is: 

Tri-stretch denim.

This spring season, denim style has the width of its hem straight from the hip down to the ankles with a rip on the knee. This makes it a good style to fit sneakers, Ankle shoes, and sandals. This particular sky-blue beauty looks good on every body type and, these are made from pure cotton. Also, Tri-stretch jeans are made to last for years and give you an amazingly stylish look. 

The second hot style on the list is the:

Skinny denim style

This particular style comes with extra fabric at the bottom to make it look slouchy. This style has the looks of perfection and flattering. This style feels effortlessly like the type you could wear all day no matter what you are into. Most skinny jean tends to look perfect with sandals or even on sneakers as they bring a leg-lengthening effect. The next on the list for the Jean denim style is:

Baggy Wide-leg Denim style

This style can be causal and attractive at the same time. These denim styles are a mid-stone wash which is normally high-waist and also to match it with a narrow belt. They are also inspired by the ’90s with a relaxed fit. They tend to hit around the ankle, so it is best for showing your favorite shoes. This style of denim is a perfect match to pair with a graphic shirt and ankle boots. 

Nineties Denim / White Denim

You must be an introvert for not knowing that the nineties denim is all over men’s wardrobes for the spring season. And, a new decade with the first spring season in it is coming with something extraordinary. 

The trademark of this style is a looser fit and pale finish, so you need to actually know your color and cut that is placed alongside your throwback styles. This Nineties denim style needs to feel at home with color-block staples like hoodies and sweatshirts with a black shoe to give the bottom half a good look. “White denim is something men tend to stay away from because they can’t imagine how it would fit in their wardrobes,” says stylist Nas Abraham who is known for his work with Gap and Barbour. 

You should know if you are getting white denim don’t make it too wide or skinny this secret is to seek out the white to look good rather than stark shades while keeping it simple and classic. And, it makes one look more neat and charming with the white denim looks.


Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are wardrobe essential irrespective of the season. And, it is best worn during the spring season it goes with whatever is on-trend from going out with a dress and jeans. And, now that the spring season is before us. 

A denim jacket is the perfect layering piece, here are some of the hottest denim jacket style you can use during the spring season. A denim style always looks good when it meets with a variety of texture. Either, it’s sweet lace or futuristic iridescent and about denim jackets.

Turtleneck Style 

It helps to keep the body cozy always, also the buttoned or unbuttoned all depends on the size of the sweatshirt, sweater. 

Deconstructed Denim Jacket

This is also a hot style to expect in 2021 spring, it is all about putting a twist on the classic denim jacket by trying to opt for a special deconstructed version. From the off-shoulder styles to peplum detailing and many more this season. 

Loco denim chore jackets this jacket is about how long the silhouette of this chore denim plus four deep pockets to make it stylish and also give it the perfect top layer for running errands every day.

These are just a few versatile things a denim style is all about especially when it comes to jacket, it all starts with pairing an oversized denim jacket with maybe your coolest leggings during the spring month.

Also, a crispy white denim option is the perfect option for your dresses and white sneakers. From the classic Levi’s vintage, ASOS, and many more to the hottest style on trendy spring floral they are truly all endless.

So, if you are thinking of what style for your denim jacket for the spring season, I hope we have helped you.

Denim with a scarf style

Not only ladies look nice with a scarf or a Caribbean scarf, but a denim jacket is a serious task but finding the best scarf for it seems to be the harder task, and that’s we are here to help you. You must have seen how ladies are belting blazers, well that’s where the trick comes in.

A printed scarf 

It gives a denim jacket a little elevated nudge and its best fit is with a jacket and you should try it this spring season. Scarf with denim jeans, one will definitely wonder how will a scarf goes with a denim jean, but it is quite simple to get. All you need to do is make sure you are wearing skinny denim because it best go with it and make sure there is a little space between your ankle and tie the scarf on it to look classy as this will be one of the hottest styles for the spring period. 

Neck scarf with denim Jacket 

If you a lover of scarves and can’t go out with it and you want to look classy with it on your denim jacket, just make sure your scarf isn’t made with a denim fabric but use a light scarf tied around your neck softly and not too tight to make you comfortable. 

Double Denim Style

If you still believe double denim is out of fashion then you need to read this. With the evolution of men’s denim in full this spring season. We have definitely figured out a way to wear the double denim perfectly for the spring period that will give you a good look and your style a unique one. 

But before that there are some certain rules to follow; 

  • You should always vary the denim weight between the bottom and top. Particularly if you notice the shades are close. Then you should try a lighter shirt and heavier denim jeans. 
  • You shouldn’t try the denim boiler overalls/suit/ trends. Unless you are into modeling.
  • Try not to overthink the outfit. Always make sure the denim jacket is fit and also short so it will rest on your hips. And, let your shirt to be underneath to separate the two denim.
  • Don’t play with too much proportion. There are three top options you can choose from: a fitted denim jacket and a relaxed jean, a fitted jacket/ a fitted jean, a slim jean/ a boxy jacket.

Justin Timberlake wearing a double denim


How to Wear Double Denim?

Now, that you know the major and certain rules that follow wearing of double denim. We also have how to wear the hottest double denim style for the spring season.

Double Denim Light and Shade

You should always vary the shade of indigo between the bottom and top. This always looks much better and other shading elements that could feature in the fabrics are vintage jeans, teaming lighter indigo pieces like the linen denim tops which can be much darker and thicker. 

Double Denim and Embellishments

This embellishment gives the double denim style a different look especially when you are on a matching denim that looks great. This style of double denim will be one of the hottest styles during the spring season. 

Matching Double Denim

This double denim style is mostly worn by gentlemen who are going out for a casual occasion or semi-formal outing. 

A darker indigo is the major key for this style to look great and also make sure your top and bottom are halves are slim. While the jacket must have a sharp cut like that of a blazer, with some of the buttons fastened. A nice sneaker or a rugged boot will be nice to finish the look.

You should also know the double denim style isn’t easy to pull off. And, if you get it right and you are looking at huge payoff. Your whole effort is to make sure both types of denim look different. 

Denim Shorts

Spring is the second-best part of the year with picnic, parties and many occasions to attend. But, searching for the hottest denim short styles to wear during the spring. And the first one here is the embroidered denim shorts these are always in bold color and a charming floral print to enjoy its precious moment during the season. 

The hole denim lace short style. 

This high-waisted pairs from Tengo features a cute 60’s flower style in the back and front. Also, if you don’t like feeling exposed too much, but still love the short denim. Then the high waist and lace detail will make you feel covered and comfortable. And they also complement one lace crop top and crochet. 

High waist denim short is also a hot style for the spring season. The Denim Short makes one butt perfectly as the way it should be. 

A Levata cola high waist

It is famous for its butt-lifting result, these are made from spandex, polyester, and blend cotton for a comfortable outing during the season. It also comes with three crystal buttons on a wide waistband. 

Black denim shorts 

They offer a cleaner look than the blue or grey denim. Also, they match well with a white t-shirt for those who are monochrome style mavens or minimalist. And we also know no one black goes with anything.

With all the hottest style that should be expected, we give you a better insight on what choices should be made.

This article is written to make everyone explore the denim world in a new way during the spring