Fitness – How to dress fit

Fitness – How to dress fit

Working out is a great way to keep your body in top shape. What’s not great is showing up to the gym dressed inappropriately. Yes we understand that the gym is not a fashion show but it’s equally important to wear the right clothes and shoes for health and safety purposes.

Your gym outfit or work-out clothes should be breathable and flexible. Wearing ill fitted clothes can cause a lot of skin issues such as itchiness and rashes or even more serious injuries.

You also don’t want your clothes shifting into awkward positions or falling off while you’re working out. That can be really embarrassing for anyone. This is why you we would be giving you a few points on how to dress fit for your work-out sessions.

But first we would be looking at the things to consider when buying work-out clothes



Cotton isn’t usually the best idea when it comes to work out clothes. They are super absorbent and don’t dry quickly. Leaving your clothes feeling heavy and wet while you work out which is never a good feeling. You should also never buy clothing made out of rubber or plant based materials.

Now because you’re going to be sweating a lot, you have to go for fabrics will allow your skin to breathe. Most brands identify this term as wicking or dry fit meaning that the material will wick the sweat off instead of absorbing it.

What you have to do is to pick out outfits made from cotton mixed with spandex or polyester. With cotton making up at least 80-90% of the mix. Also make sure the material is light, washable and fits your body perfectly.



It’s important to pick out your gym wear based on the type of activities you’ll be involved in.

Loose fitting clothes might be okay for some exercises. But you don’t want to wear anything loose for Yoga or cycling exercises. You might end up doing yourself more harm than good.

Loose fitting clothes have a tendency to get tangled up with your feet or legs when cycling or exercising so should be avoided.

For Yoga or Pilates you need to wear clothes that are fitted and flexible enough to move with your body. Tops with long sleeves are also not ideal for such exercises.



My friends believe that if you look good you, you feel good and you perform good. It’s funny how people always bring the worst versions of themselves to the gym. I mean I don’t think its vanity to want to look good to the gym. There are lots of variety out there when it comes to athletic wear. Find out what color or style you’re comfortable with and rock the hell out of it.

Furthermore, buying gym clothes that you can wear outside the gym for running errands and hanging out can be a huge bonus for your wardrobe.



The weather condition also determines your work-out gear. If you’re committed to working out all year round you have to pay attention to this.

During summer the temperature is usually hotter. So you might need to put on fewer layers as opposed to winter time

Always make sure you’re prepared so you aren’t dehydrated or so you don’t catch a cold

Special features

I think it’s cool to always look out for athletic gear with special features and innovations. Like deep pockets with zippers for you to put stuff in while running or reflective surfaces for running in the dark and other cool things. Its best to always identify a brand that always put their buyers consideration first. Which is why i'm obsessed with Size Up Apparel.

Moving on let’s talk about how to dress properly for your fitness exercise for both men and women

  1. Performance Elastic Fabric T-shirt or Tanks

Like I’ve mentioned before don’t go for anything that is a hundred percent cotton. You’re better off with a top that is elastic, breathable and sweat-wicking like polyester or other cotton blend variants.

Elastic t-shirts are stretchy and won’t restrict your range of motion. They also help accentuate your muscles. A t-shirt is slightly more modest when compared to tanks and crop tops. But the idea is to work with whatever you’re comfortable in.

Sports bras are very essential for women no matter what size your bust is. It provides an easier and more comfortable gym experience. A good sports bra does the work of protecting the ligaments and tissues in your chest from excessive stretching or stress while you exercise.


  1. Bottoms

For the bottoms there are lots of options to choose from. Such as gym shorts, leggings, sweat pants, track pants, joggers, compression pants etc. Always make sure to wear something flexible with an elastic waist band. Your bottoms should also be able to allow a full range of motions especially leg movements.

Try not to wear any shorts that extend far below your knee. Especially if they are not form fitting. They would only end up restricting your movements.

If you’re going to be working out in shorts don’t forget that people would be able to see up the leg of your shorts. So you can prepare for that by adding a pair compression pants to your gym bag. Finally, avoid cotton at all costs


Wear Appropriate Foot wear

Your shoes are also an essential part of your gym wear. There are different shoes for different exercises.

For cardio you need shoes that protect your legs and feet. if you’re lifting weights make sure to wear shoes that would offer enough arch and ankle support like running shoes

Open toed shoes like slippers and sandals are not appropriate for the gym. You should only wear athletic sneakers whether you’re working in or out of the gym.

As a general advice here are some few tips I would also like to add


  • You should test your clothes at home before wearing them at the gym. Just because they looked good online or at the store doesn’t mean they might work for dead lifts at the gym
  • Take off your jewelry and accessories. You could end up damaging them or harming yourselves.
  • Wash your clothes after a work out to prevent body odor and skin break outs.
  • Choose your socks and your shoes wisely. Tight socks can reduce your blood circulation and loose socks might keep sliding down. So choose the right fit
  • Avoid tight outfits, think compression clothing. Compression clothing are a range of outfits designed to allow a free range of movement whilst also compressing your muscles.
  • Keep your clothes on because by taking those off you stand a risk of getting other peoples germs on you.
  • And finally don’t wear makeup at the gym because it’s simply not the place or time.


Size Up apparel is one of my favorite places to shop for workout clothes. They provide very stylish workout and leisure clothes for both men and women. I was also excited to find out that their clothes have all the features I've discussed above.

Taking a look at their collection, here are my top 6 choices that you should definitely try -


Size Up women’s White Crop Top-


This is definitely a gym essential for any lady aiming to look fabulous while stretching out those muscles. I love how beautiful and chic it is. This crop top is sexy, sweat proof, very comfortable and super affordable. I mean what else you need.


Size Up Women’s Beige Fitted Zip up and Joggers


The women beige fitted zip up and jogger is made with premium quality materials. They designed to give you the ultimate athletic experience. The color is very stylish and note that both pieces can be sold separately or together. Both outfits are very comfortable true to fit and their ribbed body hugging designs are great way to show off those curves.


Size Up Miami vice OG Tee


The cotton\polyester blend original t-shirt from size up is definitely one of the most comfortable t-shirt for working out. It is very affordable and is available in different sizes. Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this great deal.


Size Up Men’s Navy Blue Legacy Shorts


 The navy blue legacy shorts are available in five different sizes including XXL. It’s made with breathable and sweat - proof fabrics. The above the knee cut is designed to give you ample leg movement whenever you’re working out. It also features side pockets for keeping your belongings. This shorts are definitely a great addition to your work out gear.


Size Up Grey Pocket Joggers


Made from a mixture of cotton spandex and polyester, these joggers are perfect for working out. The super stylish grey jogger features deep pockets for keeping your valuables, an elastic waist band with a low crotch for easy movement. The joggers are of great quality and are a great choice for your work-out routine.


Size Up Women’s Smoked Carbon Tri-stretch Seamless Leggings


These leggings are a huge win for the ladies. Its design hugs your body perfectly giving you that beautiful slimming effect. The leggings are also high-waisted which is nice for keeping your core nice and tight during lifts. The fabric feels so amazing and it is sweat proof so you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing situations. Match this with a beautiful crop top from Size Up and you’re definitely going to be killing it at the gym.


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