Believe it or not, we all have that motivate gym outfit, and I mean that sleek gym outfit that keeps us motivated towards achieving our body goals at the gym.

There are times we will feel discouraged towards, like abandoning what we were once enthusiastic about. To inspire ourselves can even be difficult and we keep skipping days. But then, the inspiration we need could come from where or what we least expected it.

This is also true of working out. If you have been waking up early every day to hit the gym, one day, the urge to get out of your bed as usual may not be there again. Sometimes, it may be tiresome or working out may just be as boring as anything. But when we have a new outfit, we can’t wait to rock it and hit the gym right away.

Why do you need a Gym outfit?

Every time I have a new pair of outfit for gym, I’m counting down the hours to my workout session. I know it may sound funny to some, but it’s true; just having a new outfit to wear could be the inspiration you needed.

You may be wondering what connection does buying a new outfit has to do with working out. New outfit can get you excited to do certain things. If you love how you look with cute tops and shorts, or thermal leggings, headbands and gloves, you will have the confidence and courage to hit the fitness floor, not minding the eyes on you (This time it can be to admire you).

However, it is not only your new outfits that can be a motivating factor. Being in possession of the right accessories for your workout can be the joker for you. You don’t just get motivated; you also need to stay motivated. In fact, your workout routine is not complete without the right accessories.

It is more of getting those items that can really make you to get up and go for your fitness goals every day. It can be a gym bag to put your things in or a supplement shaker.

I know sometimes It may be difficult to maintain motivation but with the following gym outfits and accessories, you will always be eager to go for your next gym session. Here are more reasons why outfit and accessories can inspire you to hit the gym

New outfit give your brain a boost

When you put on a new outfit, experts say you experience a kind of mental shift, which means what you wear can subconsciously change how you act.

A study even suggests that clothing can influence behavior and attitude due to the symbolic meaning it carries. So those shorts and tank tops will not only inspire you, they will also help to improve your focus.

Improved performance

Going to the gym with a positive attitude is vital to you achieving your desired result of toning your body or losing weight. Putting on a new outfit does more than looking good on you. It also helps to improve your performance.

Having the right accessories also contribute to improved performance. You don’t know the power a nice Camo tank top will give you until you put it on or a weight lifting strap that will enhance your grip on the barbell or deadlifts. When your attitude towards your workout is right, your performance will improve.

Exercising regularly is good for our body and mind, so don't let your not so nice gym wears and lack of necessary accessories stop you from having a well-toned body and a good state of mind.

If your gym wears are old with mismatched stocks, it is time to invest in new outfits. Working out has now become fashionable and you need to keep with the trend.

Also, I need to remind you that you don't need to break the bank before you can look trendy and stylish. There are inexpensive outfits and accessories that will perfectly fit your budget (like the ones I listed here).

Some of the outfits and accessories that can inspire you to hit the gym are:

  • Camo Tank Top
  • Black fitted Shorts
  • Black sleeveless Zip-Up Hoodie
  • Orange Workout joggers
  • Dark and Grey Supplement Shaker
  • Black Weight lifting Strap
  • Black Gym Bag
  • Blue Cap

1. Camo Tank Top for classic body building

Camo Tank Top $19.99 via Sizeup

Hit the gym with style, booming with confidence and accentuate your physique with this Camo tank top. I'm sure you wouldn't wait to hit the gym when you have this sleeveless top as part of your gym wears. You would not know the inspiration this Camo tank top will give you until you put it on.

Camo tank is the right top you should get for your morning workout routine. It gives you the flexibility and freedom you need. Camo tank tops are made of quality fabrics. It is soft, comfy and offers a tight fit. It is the best for bodybuilders and weightlifters.

You can use this tank top with a good pair of shorts for your gym session. They give excellent complement. If you notice the urge you have for your workout is reducing, get yourself a Camo tank top. It comes in various sizes, so you can select the size that is best for you. You will thank me for this advice.

2. Marble Fitted Shorts

Mint Fitted Shorts $19.99 via Sizeup

You can have a more enjoyable gym session if you are rightly outfitted for it. The right pair of gym outfit do not just add style to you but are active ingredients to make your workout effective and efficient.

Searching and finding a quality pair of shorts can be overwhelming. If you are ashamed of your shorts or you are tired of all those low quality shorts, this marble fitted shorts offer you the perfect outfit for your gym session. It is durable and comfy with contouring that ensures a good fit for the workout of your choice.

This short is designed to be the perfect pair of shorts in your wardrobe. It is decent for weightlifting and long training sessions. It gives you freedom of movement. The shorts is made of quality fabrics. It has pocket large enough to contain your phone and car key. Make this short your favorite and enjoy a gym session free of distraction. It gives you good value for your money.

3. Black Sleeveless Zip-up Hoodie

Black sleeveless Zip-Up Hoodie $29.99 via Size up

Light up your gym session with swag. This sleeveless zip-up hoodie makes you unique while you workout. This hoodie is a perfect addition to any gym outfit. Let the world know you are committed to physique and fitness - Body Spartan. 

The hoodie fits excellently as you want it to. That it is sleeveless and has a zip makes it awesome. It provides good mobility and gives you flexibility as you workout. I can assure you, you will feel comfortable wearing, and you can concentrate on your workout and achieve your peak fitness.

It is lightweight and versatile, which means you can use it for any fitness training. In addition, It has two pockets with zip to keep your key or small items. It also features a cross-neck hood with drawstring.

4. Orange Workout Joggers

Orange Workout Joggers

Orange Workout joggers $34.99 via size up

Make a statement in the gym with this orange workout joggers. If women have leggings, men have joggers which gives you the chance to also take any position during workout.

Whether you want to squat or run, this jogger got you covered. It is made with performance in mind and for your total comfort. If you don't like to train in shorts, you can hit the gym in a full lenght of joggers. It comes with an elastic waistband . It allows you to stretch your leg wide.

You can pair this Orange jogger with a zip-up hoodie to give yourself that distinct look that can make you the alpha of the gym. It is perfect for your active lifestyle. Also, It makes you comfortable, keep you cool and gives you free mobility. It does not slide down and allows good circulation. It is good for all sports and weight training keep your motivation boiling with this supplement shaker

5. Keep your motivation boiling with this supplement shaker

Neon Green Supplement Shaker $2.99 Via Size up

You want to maintain your motivation? Then go for this Size Up Neon Green Premium Shaker. It comes handy when you are going for your gym session. 

To be candid, adding supplement such as protein powder to your routine is good. Whether for pre-workout drinks or post-workout drinks, just put a scoop of your powder supplement in this Size Up supplement shaker, mix it well and sip. 

The lid is leak proof so it cannot soak your gym bag. For you next session, make Size Up supplement shaker your companion. If you don’t have, it’s time to get one. It saves you a lot of stress trying to mix your supplement.

6. Make your weight lifting comfortable with this strap

Camo Weight lifting Strap $4.99 via size up

Weight lifting is part of your workout session. It is one of those gym activities to build muscle faster. But I will not advise you lift those heavy equipments without a strap. You wouldn't want your palm to tear or become hardened.

If you have not been using a strap, you can get injured. Using this black weight lifting strap will help to reduce strain on your hand and wrist. It will help to improve your grip on the bar during deadlifts. It will also prevent the barbell from slipping off your hand. The beauty of it is that you can adjust the weight lifting strap to fit your wrist.

7. Comfortable gym bag that you can stash your things in

Black Gym Bag $4.99 via Size Up

What a great motivation factor this can be for you? Picture how people would look at if you were to put your things inside a fancy nylon. You will feel ashamed of course. However, with this gym bag, your ego will be raised and you can appear at the gym stylishly.

You can conveniently arrange your items inside it. It is easy to carry as it rests comfortably on your shoulder or back. It is big and has enough space and it’s made of good quality. You can easily go from your office to your workout class. It is a incredible addition for yoCap to keep your hair intact and keep you cool

9. Cap to keep your hair intact and keep you cool

Black Cap $9.99 via Size up

I know you may ask what you need a cap for. But it is necessary. Nothing is as bad as your sweaty hair flying into your mouth and disturbing you from concentrating on your fitness goals. With a cap on your head, you have your hair under control. 

The Size Blue Cap brings this comfort for you. It sits well on your head and it is the ideal cap whether you are running or lifting weight. It allows circulation of air flow to keep you cool and dry during workout.


That you love to workout does not mean you will always be motivated every time to follow your routine. Period of little or no motivation is not uncommon; when you may feel it's not worth it. The right outfits and accessories can do the magic.

The psychological effect that the clothes we wear and accessories have on us cannot be overlooked. There is a kind of confidence we exude when we are pleased with what we wear, which also increase our self esteem. 

Now that I have shown you the gym outfits and accessories that can inspire you to workout, you don't need to delay on getting them again. This is the time to upgrade your gym wardrobe and make yourself king of the gym by looking stylish.

From camo tank top to fitted shorts, joggers, gym bag and supplement shaker, any one can be your ultimate source of inspiration.