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Hy Everyone how are you all I hope you all are well. But firstly, thank you all for Supporting Our Blog. Thank you so much. And I am back again with this new Blog and today we're not doing any training Blog Today I brought a very interesting topic in which we'll talk about Top 6 high Protein sources which are easily available in USA markets and you all must include in your diet. I will talk about protein sources during the Blog but before that, an important thing is that Many people believe that protein is only for those who are doing physical activities, athlete's or people whose aim is to build muscles But this is not true. A normal human also needs a minimum requirement of protein to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Which is 0.8 gm per Kg of body weight But if your purpose is muscle building or if you are indulged in any physical activity then the protein requirement may vary Which is 1.22-2 gm per Kg of body weight. Along with protein, it is important to note that how much should be your carbohydrate and fats intake And all this depends on your BMI. If your BMI is less than 18.5, that means you are underweight But if your BMI is between 18.5-25 then you fall in a normal category but if it's between 25-30 that means you are overweight, and if more than 30, that means you are obese. The sources which I chose for you all are because all those are high in protein and also low in fat which means you can choose any protein source regardless of your BMI. 1st source is the Chicken breast which is one of the best sources for non-vegetarians in which you'll get 27-30 gm of protein and very less 3-4 gm fat per 100 gm

So try to add chicken to at least 1 meal but remember it should be fresh and clean before cooking it. And along with protein, chicken is also very beneficial for bone health. 2nd source is Green moong dal. Vegetarians always complain that they are not having enough protein sources as nonvegetarians have. But this is not true. Green Moong dal can be a boon for you because 100 gm raw moong dal contains 24 gm protein and again very less fat which is 1.5-2 gm approximately, By the way, you can consume any kind of pulses but I chose Green moong dal because it is low in carbs and also easy to digest. You can consume this once a day in the form of sprouts or normally cooked as it is prepared in Indian homes. 3rd option is Whey protein but people have created so many myths about this like Girls should not drink this, only the gym going people should consume this and some even say that this damages the kidney

But all these are wrong. Whey protein is all-natural and you get 24 gm protein per serving. It is easy to consume and easy to carry. With this, your body can digest Whey protein very easily But you should remember that your Whey protein should be genuine and you should choose a good brand And nowadays I am trying Big muscle's newly launched Protein. I was bored drinking chocolate, vanilla for a long time. So big muscle has brought these refreshing and delicious fruit flavors. I tried Litchi flavor and it's very tasty but with that, there are many other flavors available in the market like Mango, orange, guava, etc. In per 34 gm serving, you'll get 26 gm protein which is the mixture of isolate, concentrate, and hydrolyzed whey. With that, you'll get 5.5 gm BCAA which is very good for your recovery. With that, it contains 0 sugar and this product is gluten-free. And a very nice thing is that this product is pocket-friendly. The link is given in the description box.

Click it and use this and do let me know in the comment box about how was this. 4th source is Fish. Fish is a very nice protein source for you all. In 100 gm, you'll get 21-25 gm of protein but, it depends on which fish you're eating. With that, you'll get 8-12 gm of fat but don't worry because this is good fat and it is very beneficial for your heart health, skin, eyes, hairs and nails. So you can eat any fish to meet your daily protein requirements. 5th source is Egg. The egg is also a good protein source for you all. In 1 egg, you get approximately 5.5 gm protein but if we separate the yolk, Then you'll get 3 gm protein in the remaining egg white. People who eat 1-2 eggs a day can eat it with yolk but if you want to consume it in greater quantity then I'll suggest you consume without the yolk. Eggs are easily available in the market and you can eat this in any form like boiled, omelet and best part is that

With protein, you get vitamins and minerals in enough quantity. 6th and last source are Soya chunks. Soya chunks are a very good and high protein option for vegetarians. In 100 gm, you get around 52 gm protein and only 0.5 gm fat. Many people say that by eating soya, testosterone decreases and estrogen increases. This is a very controversial topic so we're not going into that. On the safer side, you can consume 25-40 gm of soya chunks in a day. So I told you about the 6 best protein sources but apart from these, there are many other sources like Milk, Curd, Paneer, Nuts, Beans, etc. But with protein, all these contain fats in much quantity. So the people who all are underweight or have less Body fat percentage Can use these sources. But the people who all are overweight or obese can avoid these. So the sources which I chose are those which everyone can include in their diet.

This was our today's Blog and I hope this topic will be useful for you all and I'll keep making these Blogs and appear in front of you.