The Right Workout Clothes for Every Occasion

Did you just create or get your hands on a new workout program? Are you armed with a week-by-week breakdown of how you’re going to improve your race pace and overall time for the upcoming half marathon? Ready for football season to start again? Whether you’re about to step into the gym, the track, or the field, there’s one thing that you may not have considered: what to wear. Let’s take a look at the most common physical activities and the best fitness apparel options you should be wearing.

Weight Lifting

The right workout clothes during a weight lifting session can make or break how well your training goes. Wear something that’s too loose and you may not be able to develop a mind to muscle connection, which is essential to build muscle. Wear something too tight and you risk cramping. Weight lifting demands the right blend of being able to see the muscle you’re working without showing the world.

What to Wear and Why?

Cut Offs: Ideal for those chest and back days, cut off shirts allow for complete range of movement while building a mind to muscle connection.

Material Blends: Shirts made with a variety of materials such as polyester and rayon are better at wicking away sweat while providing comfortable movement.

Leggings: For women, leggings provide a fantastic level of comfort while allowing for full range of motion during leg days without the worry of tearing.

Crop Top: Ladies who want to make sure they’re activating their entire core – abs and obliques – need a crop top. It’s comfy and let’s you know you’re hitting the right muscles.

Hoodie: Men and women looking to shed extra calories can wear a hoodie during their workouts. It’s comfortable, durable, and lets you safely boost your body temperature.


Ever try to go running in jeans? Running in itself is tough to do, so make sure that you stay as comfortable as you can. What’s more, some workout clothes can improve your running game such as compression shirts. You also don’t want loose clothing when running. Look for something in the middle: well-fitted but super comfortable.

What to Wear and Why?

Compression Shirts: The constriction from compression shirts helps to improve your blood flow, promoting better oxygen delivery, and keeping you warm during cold runs.

Shorts: Providing you with complete range of motion and flexibility, shorts are the runner’s classic fitness apparel.

Leggings: For women who aren’t a fan of shorts or who want to run during the colder months, leggings are perfect. Stylish and flexible, they’re great for any run.

Crop Top: Perfect for runs on hot days, crop tops are comfortable and let sweat dry via the breeze you build up from running.

Hoodie: Stay warm and burn more calories with a hoodie during your runs.


Just like with running, playing a sport requires clothing that is comfortable and doesn’t get in the way. What’s more, you need fitness apparel that gives you freedom of movement and it doesn’t hurt to have better blood flow during passes or catches.

What to Wear and Why? 

Shorts: Whether you’re doing tire drills or sprints down the field, shorts are the most comfortable way to train and prepare for the game.

Material Blends: No one likes being covered in sweat during plays, and no one likes tackling a guy soaked in sweat. Material blends are comfy and wick away sweat.

Compression Shirts: The constriction from compression shirts will improve blood flow and this could translate into better upper body performance such as when you’re throwing a ball or catching a pass.

Tank Tops: Training on a hot day? Tank tops are a quick and simple way to go. They are comfortable and provide full range of motion.

Zip Lining and Rock Climbing 

Zip lining is one of those activities that requires comfortable and non-loose clothing, otherwise, parts might pinch or clothing could get stuck. For rock climbing, you will need complete freedom of movement as you move from rock to rock. In either activity, it’s important to have comfortable workout clothes that don’t get in the way.

What to Wear and Why?

Material Blends: The last thing you want is sweat to get on your line. You also need a full range of motion when rock climbing or hooking in your line. Material blends wick away sweat while staying comfortable for all your movements.

Compression Shirts: Helping with upper body blood flow, compression shirts might help you during your toughest climbs.

Leggings: Comfortable and stylish, leggings are also durable and might spare you a scrape from a rock unlike a pair of shorts.

Bike Ride 

Finally, we have bike riding. Jumping on your bike and riding shares the same necessities as the other activities on this list: you don’t want fitness clothing that will get stuck; you don’t want sweat to be sticking to you; and you need something that is durable.

What to Wear and Why?

Material Blends: Who wants sweat dripping on their break line or gears? Material blend shirt wick away sweat and keep you dry even if you’re going all out.

Compression Shirts: All the action is taking place in the legs, but compression shirts can help boost total body blood flow.

Shorts: Keep your legs complete range of motion with a pair of high quality workout shorts.

Hoodie: Biking to burn calories? Double up the burn with a stylish hoodie.

What Do You Wear During Your Favorite Sport? 

Football fan? What fitness apparel lets you perform at your peak level? Marathon runner? Do you wear compression clothing during your races? Let us know in the comments below!

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