How to Take Care of Your Jeans

Jeans are a prized possession for most denim lovers. They are one of the most popular and sought-after fabric globally. They are sturdy and provide excellent comfort even when worn for long hours. Jeans are versatile and can be mixed and match with other apparel. You can also wear them for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Your jeans need proper care to stay in good condition and serve you longer. Some of the key tips for taking care of your jeans are as follows:

Always Read the Label

The most basic thing to do for maintaining your jeans is to read the label. The label contains important information relating to the wash process, ironing, and other care instructions. Reading it will provide you a better understanding of the dos and don’ts for taking care of your jeans. If the instructions on the label prohibit machine wash or tumble drying, then you must avoid doing so. Machine washing or bleaching your jeans can severely damage it if the same is prohibited in the label.

Wash Less

It is best to wash your jeans less. Some say that you should avoid washing your jeans for the first three months. During this time, the jeans fit themselves properly to your form. Washing jeans too frequently causes the fabric to weaken and the jeans also lose their shape. If you notice small stains, then sprinkle water over it and scrub it with a soft cloth or brush. Washing your jeans too frequently will cause it to fade quickly and can also cause shrinkage. If you notice an odor coming from your jeans, then pack them in a plastic bag and put it inside a freezer. This is an effective way of deodorizing jeans without having to wash them.

You should use good quality and mild detergent to wash jeans. Using detergents loaded with harsh chemicals can be damaging. It is also important to wash jeans in a similar color. Always avoid washing jeans especially dark-colored ones with other light colors as it can lead to color bleeding and damage the clothes.

Wash with Cold Water

If you want your jeans to last longer, then always wash them in cold water. Washing jeans in hot water weakens the fibers and can cause shrinkage. Both these can cause damage to your pair of favorite jeans. Connoisseurs prefer to hand wash jeans. You only need to fill your tub and add some good quality detergent and soak the jeans inside. Leave it for 30 minutes and drain the tub. Now rinse the jeans and let it air dry in shade. Washing your jeans in cold water not only saves time, but it also needs lesser energy and is thus eco-friendly.

Always Air Dry After Washing

It is convenient for most people to dry their clothes in a dryer. It saves time and makes your clothes dry quickly. However, drying your jeans in a dryer should be strictly avoided as it can damage them. It is best to let your favorite pair of jeans air dry after a wash. Hang the jeans after washing and leave them to air dry naturally. This helps to preserve the shape of the jeans and eliminates any shrinkage or fabric warping. Try avoiding drying the jeans in direct sun. the best way to air-dry your jeans is to turn it inside out and hanging them in shade. This will prevent excess and unwanted fading and prevent soggy pockets.

Store Your Jeans Correctly

Storing your jeans correctly can add to their lifespan. It is best to keep them on the top of your cloth pile in the wardrobe. Putting it on the back of a chair or hanging it up ensures that the right creases are maintained. Hangers that come with metal clips should be avoided for hanging jeans. These metal clips have sharp teeth that can leave lasting marks on the jeans. It is also recommended to not keep your jeans folded in the same pattern for long. Stacking jeans along a sharp crease can cause it to lose color along the crease lines. This can spoil the entire look and feel of your jeans. You can fold your jeans in different ways to avoid the formation of sharp crease lines.

Get Your Jeans Repaired

Distressed skinny jeans are very popular among the youth. It provides a rustic style that helps you make a style statement. However, ripped jeans can get damaged as some cuts may get blown out over time. You should not replace your pair of favorite distressed skinny jeans when it gets blown out. try getting it repaired. Most reputed brands offer repair services. The longer you wear jeans, the softer and more comfortable it gets. This remarkable transformation od denim from a stiff fabric to a soft and comfortable one makes it extremely popular. There are other professional repair service providers also available who specialize in repairing jeans.

Wear them Gently

Though jeans are supposed to be sturdy and durable, you must wear them gently. Try to avoid doing things that can cause your jeans to be stretched or ripped. Treating your jeans gently and caring for them will ensure their longevity. If you indulge in activities that will stretch your jeans then they can lose their shape. Workouts and yoga should be avoided while wearing jeans as they will get stretched and lose their shape.


Denim is a fabric that never goes out of fashion. Investing in a good pair of jeans will last you for years and always help you make a classic style statement. Taking care of your jeans is important to ensure its longevity. Jeans should be washed less frequently and only when necessary. Always use good quality and chemical-free detergent that is mild on the fabric. To the extent possible, avoid machine washing your jeans and drying them in dryers. This can weaken the fabric and your jeans can shrink. Paying attention to some finer details can make your jeans last longer and remain in good condition.

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