Best First Date Wear for Men


The nervousness one feels before going on a date with someone for the first time is incomparable. The pressure of impressing the date keeps hovering over the head. As the saying goes, “first impression is the last impression” be it- attitude wise, behavior wise, confidence wise or clothes wise.

Clothes do play a crucial role in making us feel confident. About 70% of our confidence comes from what we wear because the clothes we wear describes our personality. That is why, it becomes all important that you wear the best clothes on your first date. The more you will confident, the more you will be able to impress your date.

Deciding the most impressive clothes for your first date is deciding how you are going to present yourself. Right clothing adds charm to your personality and helps youto introduce ourselves in the most effective manner.

Stop scratching your head, shook away the burden off your shoulder of finding the enticing clothes and check out some of the best men wears for the first date-

Top wear

Once you decide what your top wear will be, you don’t have to worry much about the bottom wear.

  • Basic T-Shirt-

If you don’t want to look too much and just want to slay it with simplicity, then go for a basic tee. A t-shirt is always on everyone’s priority list. It gives a cool yet calm look like you want to impress someone badly but you don’t want to seem desperate too. If you got a body builder body then with a body hugging t-shirt, you don’t have to say it with your words, your t-shirt will flaunt your body.


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  • Longline Casual Shirt-

People are going crazy over this new trendy longline casual shirt. It makes you look hot and adds sexiness to your personality at the same time. Let this shirt describe who you are in front of your date. Want to leave an unforgettable mark of your personality on your date, you got it with this longline casual shirt.



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  • Half Sleeved Hoodie-

Hoodies are not limited to a particular season now, if you are going on a date and want to wear something different from the usual clothes, then this half sleeved hoodie is here for you. Hoodies always add a spark to your personality, makes you look a little bit of cool and a little bit of cute. You can easily go for a hoodie as your first date wear anytime and introduce your best self in front your date.


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Bottom wear

Choosing a bottom wear becomes easy once you are done with your top wear but it is equally important to choose an effective bottom wear.


  • Jeans-

We don’t have to discuss why jeans should be chosen as a preferred bottom wear for your date. A jeans got every reason to be on your priority list. You can wear anything on jeans and would slay it in every manner. Jeans is your go-to buddy which will help you impress your date on your first meeting. But it is very important to choose the right kind and style of jeans depending on your body type and your personality.


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  • Pants-

Pants have been associated with formals, which is why people hesitate to consider it while going on dates. But a new trend which came in power after the arrival of new styles of pants has overpowered this primitive custom. Pants are now available in different styles like tri-stretch plaid pants, denim pants and cargo pants. Wearing pants on dates is actually becoming a trend. You can also go for it if you don’t want to look mundane and really want to impress your date with your different sense of style.


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  • Joggers-

With changing time, priorities also change, that is why men have changed their priorities in clothes. They have gained a more comfortable sense of clothing for every occasion. As far as going on a date is concerned, men choose to present themselves in their true carefree and comfortable self now. Joggers have been chosen as the most loved bottom wear to wear on a date.

If you want to express yourself through your clothes on your first date and you have a cool yet sophisticated personality, then you should not think twice before deciding to wear joggers on a date. Like pants, joggers do come in different styles like, denim joggers and cargo joggers.


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First date wears are really changing with the changing time. Men choose comfort and simplicity over showing off and going too much on a first date. Follow this trend of simple clothing and leave a last longing mark on your first date.