It can be quite difficult finding the right size of jeans for muscular legs and small waist, or jeans for athletes with muscular legs. Imagine your time at the gym finally pays off and you're not stuck with getting those jeans past your thigh.

Or your thighs are naturally big and you have a hard time finding the right pair of jeans without a tear after two or three wears. 

I understand jeans shopping sucks sometimes, trust me! Most of the jeans are mass produced and don't always fit right not mentioning the fact that some of those trendy jeans available online aren’t even your size. You don't have to settle for baggy jeans, which should never be an option, like who wears baggy jeans nowadays? I'm grateful it's out of season.

This is how jeans should look on muscular legs, no bulging, no overly-stretched areas

Check out some of the problems associated with muscular legs

  1. Your waist size jeans often comes with a smaller inch leg, so it becomes a struggle getting the jeans past your thighs.
  2. If you get the right fit for your hips and thighs, the waist and leg openings are a problem, they are too big and you would need to support the waist with a belt.
  3. Moving around with regular jeans is a bit difficult, you end up ripping the butt and crotch area. 

If you encounter these problems with your regular jeans, you tend to think it is peculiar to just you, but a lot of men and women also encounter this issue, and so it's a general problem. There might be a need to find a good tailor if you don't have one, at the long run they would become valuable to you just in case;

  • You buy a pair of jeans with the right thigh size but bigger waist, you can give it to a tailor to slim fit it for you.
  • You can also decide to buy raw denim and go tailor it to your fit, saves stress right? 
Looking to buy a pair of jeans there are few things to take into consideration 

The waist 

Your jeans should fit well around the waist so you wouldn't need a belt to hold it in place. Extra inches of jeans fabric around the waist gives it a snugly look that doesn't look good, in cases where belt can't be avoided, it shouldn't be too tight so it doesn't create a bulge. Also your jeans shouldn't be too tight that you need to unbutton it after eating. Well if you get to unbutton your jeans after dinner, you won't be judged though.

The Hips

Your hips is probably the widest part of your lower body, so your jeans should fit around your hips. Excess fabric makes your hip look wider. Again the jeans should not be too tight around your hips so as not to restrict movement. You want to be very comfortable in moving around, sitting down with ease or even squat to pick up something without fear of tear.

The Rise

The rise of a jean is the distance between the crotch seam and the waistband, both for the front back. This detail shouldn't be overlooked, it determines where your jeans sit, whether it is on your waist, above or below.

The Leg

You would look great on jeans with less fabric on the leg, so there should be a gradual taper from the thigh to the leg opening. 

Leg Opening

Jeans with wide leg opening like bootcut should be avoided, for muscular men basically.

Guide on How to buy Jeans for Muscular legs

Here are some few tips to note before you start shopping

  1. Black and dark colored denims goes with anything, it should be your first choice. And if you're new to the jeans club then you should probably stay away from light washed jeans till later. 
  2. For the extra flexible go for denim which stretches to support active motion.
  3. Focus more on getting the right fit for your body and not what is trending.
  4. For stretch jeans buy a little tighter because after been worn for some hours it stretches permanently, so when you buy just the comfortable one, it eventually becomes baggy for you.
  5. Light wash your new denim before any adjustments.
  6. When shopping online it's advisable to know your waist and hips size and your length so as to get the right jeans for your size.

Jeans for Short Muscular Legs

For short muscular legs, it's a bit harder to find their right fit jeans, so they settle for ill fitted jeans that is too long. Some tips to take note of when buying jeans for short muscular legs are;

  1. Avoid buying low rise jeans. Normal rise is a better option. It gives you the illusion of a long leg and it also balance your figure.
  2. Stay away from baggy jeans, you don't want people thinking your jeans is the wrong size. It doesn't look good on anyone and is even way worse on men with short muscular legs. Too much fabric in unwanted place, plus it hides your shape.
  3. Be prepared to cut your jeans if the legs are too long, you might be tempted to cuff an oversized jeans, don't try it, it will be obvious the cuffing is because of the long length and is unflattering.
  4. You can actually get the right pair of denim jeans for you, it just requires patience.

Best Skinny Jeans for Short Muscular Legs

510 Skinny Fit Men's Jeans

This Levi's Jean caters for all body type, but it is really great for short muscular legs, with added stretch for extra mobility and comfort. It is skinny from hip to ankle, with a skinny leg opening and sits at the waist.

What to Avoid when Getting Jeans for Muscular Legs

  1. Jeans with embellishments wouldn't look nice.
  2. Bootcut jeans should not be an option. Avoid buying it if you can. 

For women, check out these jeans for muscular legs women.

Levi's Women 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans

These skinny jeans from Levi are very comfortable and stretchy, perfect for women with muscular thighs, small waist, and big butts. It fits so well and is available in regular, short, and long and also in different washes.

Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Amanda Classic Tapered Jeans

These jeans sit on the natural waist with a tapered leg, it flattens your tummy creating a flawless curve. It's material is from a soft fabric, giving you the comfort and flexibility to move around or squat with ease. It is available in 44 colors.

Here are some of men's jeans for muscular legs

Size Up Tri-Stretch Black Cargo Pants

A trendy and casual distressed denim. Size Up Tri-Stretch Black Cargo Pant is a great choice if you're looking for fitted jeans with a distressed yet relaxed look. It looks tough but when you put it on, i fits your body perfectly well. You can pair it with any kind of top, ideal for muscular legs. Sizes are available in small, large to extra large. You definitely need to have this jeans in your list if you are looking to buy skinny jeans for muscular legs, a balance of casual, comfort and trendy. 

Size Up Tri-Stretch Light Blue Acid Wash Denim Jeans

This acid wash blue jeans is versatile, form-fitting but stretchable enough for comfort. It's the balance of fashion and function. This denim jeans go with anything you put on, whether a tank top or a button-up shirt. This Size Up Tri-Stretch Light Blue Acid Wash Denim Jeans is so comfortable and stylish you don't want to take it off, perfect to flaunt… The knees and upper thighs turn out and cut to give a distressed look. It is available in all sizes and you can get top quality from size up apparel.

Size Up Tri-Stretch Midnight Blue Denim Jeans

Very stretchable and slim fit denim jeans with a ragged look and multi pocket design. This is the Bad Boy jeans that gives highlight to the muscle you worked hard for. This Size Up Tri-Stretch Midnight Blue Denim Jeans is a blend of comfort and style, very versatile and would go with any shirt you decide to pair it with, no restriction when it comes to shoe also, just be creative. Sizes are available in small medium and large.

541 Athletic Taper Men's Jeans

This Levi's Jean is one of jeans for muscular legs because they are specifically for athletic guys with muscular legs, with a slightly pointy leg opening, enough room in the seat and thigh, and sits at the waist. Very comfortable with the right stretch to ease movement. You can pair it with any shirt of your choice. 

Slim Athletic Fit in Destroyed high Distressed

This athletic jeans from Barbell is super flexible, great for muscular leg. It is very comfortable all day, you can squat in without tear. Worth considering when shopping for jeans for muscular legs.