They are in our favorite movies, on the front of our favorite albums, and displayed on our favorite magazines; we’re talking, of course, about celebrities Fitness Apparel.

Celebrities are just like us: hitting the gym to attain that Hollywood physique. There’s a good chance a few of you have visited Google to find the workout that Tom Hardy used to become Bane, or the one that Gal Gadot followed to transform into Wonder Woman.

Outside of celebrity workouts, have you ever stopped to wonder what these stars are wearing while they are training to become fictional characters or simply maintaining their killer bodies? Think your favorite star is suiting up in space age tech to look great? Think again. 

Let’s take a look at celebrity fitness apparel and what your favorite stars are wearing. You might be surprised to find the same thing in your closet.

Gerard Butler 

Is there a more iconic role for Gerard Butler than King Leonidas in the movie, 300? His Spartan kick-to-the-chest inspired all types of guys and girls to get into the gym to try to match that shredded and jacked form. Butler has hit the weights for a few other roles, but none with as much fanfare at the Spartan king. So what was Butler wearing when preparing to be the ruler of the Spartans? 

Exercise Outfit of Choice: Seems like when Butler was in Spartan training, he was a big fan of workout shorts and not much else. When his upper half was clothed, it was usually a cut-off or tank top. 

When You Should Wear It: Unless you’re lifting in an old school or bodybuilding gym, chances are you won’t be able to throw weights around without a shirt. So in this case, when you’re hitting the weights to earn that Spartan form, we recommend a durable pair of shorts along with a cut-off, tank top, or compression t-shirt. Ladies, for you, we recommend shorts and a sports bra.

Jillian Michaels 

The queen of high-intensity fitness has a series of highly successful workout DVDs, nutrition programs, supplements, fitness gear, and one very popular website. Naturally, as a long-time personal trainer, Michaels has worn her fair share of fashionable fitness apparel and continues to rock out form-fitting workout clothes from her own stylish brand. 

Exercise Outfit of Choice: If you’re a fan of Michael’s line of exercise videos, you’ll know she’s a big fan of leggings with a compression crop top. 

When You Should Wear It: Ladies, leggings and a form-fitting shirt are always a good idea for every workout. Leggings are tight yet comfy and durable. A compression shirt can make sure your blood flow is enhanced while keeping everything in place. Guys looking to emulate Jillian’s form should stick with joggers and a compression tank top.

Justin Bieber 

From YouTube star to pop-music celebrity, Justin Bieber is a household name around the world. Love him or hate him, Bieber has managed to go from a skinny and feminine little kid to a muscular and defined adult. 

Exercise Outfit of Choice: Bieber is a fan of fitness, but seems to take a more casual approach. You’ll see plenty of pictures of Bieber walking around in workout shorts and a tank top, perfect for showing off tattoos and any definition in the arms. Can you rock the same outfit and make it look better? We think so.

When You Should Wear It: Shorts and a tank top or cut-off make a perfect spring and summer gym outfit. Are you a weight lifter, runner, or CrossFitter? Shorts and a tank top are what you should suit up in. Ladies, we recommend shorts and a sports bra, if you’re going for the Bieber look.

Kate Hudson

The daughter of Goldie Hawn has been featured in some of the most iconic movies of the last 20 years including Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She’s also one of the most fit women in Hollywood. Hudson is so into health and wellness that she has her own fitness-based website and fit gear line.

Exercise Outfit of Choice: Hudson is often seen in her branded leggings and sports bra or crop top. This is the perfect fitness combo since it applies to nearly every workout.

When You Should Wear It: Whether you’re taking a kickboxing class or simply jumping on a treadmill, the Kate Hudson look of leggings and crop top is a trustworthy outfit. Guys, for you, it’s joggers and a cut-off.

Jonah Hill 

One of the most dramatic transformations in Hollywood has come from Jonah Hill. The star of Superbad and 21 Jump Street was constantly under the stigma of fat kid since school. Each of Hill’s films has been a testament to his dedication to fitness as he has slimmed down and gained muscle. Good job, Jonah. 

Exercise Outfit of Choice: Jonah goes the modest route with joggers or sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt or hoodie. Great for cranking up your metabolism.

When You Should Wear It: If you want to burn more calories or keep yourself warm during the colder months, the Jonah Hill choice of joggers and a hoodie is perfect.

What’s Your Favorite Celeb-Inspired Fit Apparel to Wear? 

Are you a fan of showing off your results like Butler and Michaels? Or are you more of a save-the-mystery type like Hill and Hudson? Let us know in the comments below!