Complete Guide to Dress For Winter Running- 

Hey Gym Love/trainiacs as you can see crap Winters is now upon us And every single year people start asking well how do you dress for winter living in Winnipeg i.e winter peg I am a certified expert in how to dress for the cold now it's not as tough as you might think I have bike commuted all year round all the way

Down to minus 40 celsius, it's the same Celsius and Fahrenheit at that point and I found it warmer to bite commute than to drive because you warm yourself up so dressing for the winter requires you to purchase a little bit of gear but it's quite pleasant once you get going so today I'm going to give you like the

A full system of how to dress hands feet legs torso head for a whole bunch of different temperatures depending on how cold you're willing to run and where you live you hear that the sound of winter running so let's start with saying that you do not need

Spikes or coils or yak tracks or anything on your feet that's usually the first question that I get and very unnecessary what I've found is that more often than not they make running in the winter worse because what they do is first they alter your gate and then things like coils they just slip on ice

They tend not I'm on ice right now no coils totally fine whereas coils they slip studs on the other hand like spikes those work fine on ice but other than that it alters your gait it's less comfortable so you're much more likely to get an injury and even maybe slip on something you shouldn't be running on

Anyway because you think oh I got these coils or I got these studs just starting first with shoes I just have on normal runners what I do have is a pair of Nikes that do have a little bit of tread on the bottom what you don't want is a pair of shoes that are just like completely flat with no tread real road

Racing shoes like betray you I love you guys you're not great for the winter the Nike vapor fly four percent, my favorite runners that might be tied with the new atreus anyway those are too flat you want a little bit of tread at most people from our run crew have gone to trail shoes and that's the very most that they'd end up using

Normal runners next thing are how to dress specifically the layering this is what's critical and in this case, less is more you don't want to be sweating when you're running in the winter because what happens when you sweat is it's all fine and dandy when you're running just normally and moving but then as soon as you stop for cars or

You slow down or you have to wait outside before you can get in somewhere you are going to freeze so the key is to dress so that like you're kind of cold when you start and then you warm up now of course most people are going to sweat and you're going to sweat a little bit but how do you dress so that you don't turn into the shining

Frozen in a snowbank somewhere there are two main points first merino wool as the base layer and then wind protection on the shell and that is the key to your legs and your torso because merino wool stays warm even when it gets a little sweaty and then to make sure that little bit of sweat that accumulates

Doesn't turn into frozen nipple icicles you keep the wind off your body with a wind shell on the outside so I tell you what I'm gonna finish this workout and then when we get back I'm gonna give you the layering system that has allowed me to ride and run throughout the year down to tundra minus 40 levels we're looking at about a 45-minute run

And end it with no gloves on this is uh I gotta do the conversion minus six Celsius about 20 Fahrenheit ended with no gloves so you need a lot less than you think let me go inside and I'll give you an example of all the accouterments of gloves of mitts neck gators of hats beanies as you Americans like to call it and what that breakdown is for temperature

So insulation wind protection accessories we'll just touch on all these a little bit on a day like today right around freezing what I'll have on the top is a merino wool base layer and that base layer depending on how windy it is how cold it is it might be something as thin as just a thin merino wool base

Layer as thick as a thick very dense merino wool base layer as it gets colder essentially I just get thicker and thicker base layers very very coldest we're talking minus 20 celsius let's see what that is Fahrenheit I will add just a thick hoodie on top of the base layer in between the base layer and the wind shell that is almost too cold for me to be

Running in you won't see me out too much below minus 20 or 25 on the bottom same thing I'll have a merino wool base layer you saw that today I had nothing but merino wool like capris that were halfway down the calf and then a pair of shorts on over top of that as it gets colder that'll expand to full-length merino wool as a base layer I'll still maybe have shorts I will have

Windproof shorts to protect my dirty bits and then maybe a pair of shorts on over top of that but the premise is still the same it's merino on the skin and then winds over the top as it gets colder and colder I'll expand from where you know it's just slightly cold like a little bit above freezing where I'm just using a merino wool base layer and no shell over top to today where I'll have a cycling

Shell over top of that because that's going to take away the wind I like a cycling shell because it protects from the wind well and it has just a little bit of insulation on the inside allowing you to have something really thin on under this so this cycling shell will probably run in down to minus 20 or 25 again let's figure out what that is in Fahrenheit and I'll just get

Thicker and thicker base layers at around minus 15 minus 20 celsius Fahrenheit I will add a second full pair of pants as a windshell over top of my merino wool base layer on the legs again the same sort of premise to what the cycling shell is it's windproof on the outside it is slightly insulated on the inside at the very very very very coldest this is like

Where I say you know what most people aren't going to want to run in this I will put on a windproof jacket now getting the right windproof insulated winter coat is critical this is a Primaloft north face jacket whatever Primaloft you have I don't care what the manufacturer is Primaloft is great because it's a synthetic material that it doesn't stink when it gets sweaty

It also doesn't get cold when it gets sweaty I have run this down to about minus 27 or 30. finished the run and found out that on my chest it was just a wall of ice but I was still warm and then as far as the accessories go that's where things get fancier on my feet that's really simple use a thin

Normal running sock and maybe at that minus 15 and lower I'll put on a thicker merino wool sock on the shoes maybe once a year if it's windy I'll put a little piece of duct tape on over the toe to keep the wind from coming in but as far as layering all of the accessories getting your extremities warm a basic running toque what incorrect

People might refer to it as a beanie this is going to last me most of the winter at its very coldest I might start layering on a buff just to get the neck to stay warm and then you can go like this that usually what happens is as you start moving as long as it's not too windy you're able to bring this down a fair bit when it gets cold

What I'll have is again insulated on the inside windproof on the outside a full I just get this from snowmobile stores and if it's extra cold put the beanie on over top simple as that put on a pair of glasses that are your normal running glasses so that they have a little bit of air movement so it doesn't frost up

And you are good to go as far as your head is concerned hands that are a little more personal you saw me running in nothing but these thin little gloves I'll run in these as long as it's not very windy when it starts getting windy I'll look for something like a split-finger cycling glove these here allow the fingers to warm each other up and it allows you a little bit of

Dexterity to move around at its very very coldest again we're talking minus 25 celsius or that Fahrenheit and colder I will put on thick snowmobile split-finger cycling gloves wind and insulation pro tip that I'll give you is to try this out and you want to do this on shorter runs and gradually build up to longer and longer

If you find that your hands are cold you can put a pair of rubber gloves latex gloves surgical gloves on underneath your gloves whatever gloves you've got this ends up keeping the wind out a little bit but more than anything it keeps that dampness in its kind of like a wetsuit for your hands

The trick to this is that you don't want to stop too much because your hands get so so sweaty and if you stop for a long period these get clammy and you might lose digits I mean I've never seen anyone lose digits but I mean this actually works I've done this with long long bike rides outside and it's not too bad now before you go this Blog

Is related to a series of blog posts that virtual run. world hired me to do about how to train in the winter how to select a treadmill so that if you want to run inside you can how to set up a home gym that isn't going to cost you several thousand dollars like this how to dress for and how to bike throughout the winter how to keep training throughout the

Winter fairly easily without a huge amount of cost and without freezing your little terrans off so if you want to check that out at a virtual run.

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