Fitness clothing has broken into fashion, becoming acceptable at Sunday brunch and during office meetings as much as the weight room. Having trouble finding that perfect gym outfit that you can wear around town? Let’s take a look at some easy fitness apparel combinations and where it’s appropriate to wear them. 

Classic Look 

Shorts and Blended Material T-Shirt: The standard gym floor or weight room look. It doesn’t obnoxiously stand out and you’ll be ready to relax or jump into a few sets. Make sure the gym shorts are solid colors and high quality. Torn or see-through shorts doesn’t send the message you think you’re getting across.

Fitness apparel t-shirts are now made with more than just cotton. Form-fitting and material blend workout shirts look great while being durable.

Where You Can Wear It: The classic gym floor look is acceptable for getting chores done such as food shopping then heading right over to the weight room. You can also wear this combo while doing yardwork, cleaning out the garage, or getting down and dirty in the garden. 

Perfect for casually hanging out with friends especially when the PlayStation or the basketball court is involved, shorts and a blended material t-shirt goes well everywhere as long as you didn’t get a formal invitation.

Sunday Brunch 

Leggings and Crop-Top Hoodie: A nice pair of leggings for women has become the equivalent of solid gym pants or gym shorts for guys. Leggings are comfortable while offering durability. Since they offer a unique level of tightness, they are form-fitting and they complement those results that you’ve been working so hard for in the gym or in class.

Where You Can Wear It: Nothing defines Sunday brunch quite like a quality pair of leggings and a crop top hoodie. This combo allows you to catch up, enjoy those pouched eggs, then talk a stroll with your friends.

Leggings and the crop top are also great for getting stuff done (while turning some heads). Need to stock up on groceries for the week? Want to check out sales at the mall? Ready to buy more supplements? Leggings and that crop top have your back, providing comfort throughout the day.


Joggers and Cut Off: Speaking of Sundays… While the girls have brunch, the guys are looking forward to the game. Ditch the jeans, the polo, and the khakis, and suit up in comfy joggers and a cut off that you can easily throw your game day jersey over. Joggers give you freedom of movement while still providing you with the durability and protection of thick pants. A cut off is the ultimate sign of relaxation that says, “Check out my progress.”

Where You Can Wear It: The joggers and cut off combo can be worn during those game day events at your friend’s house or the local watering hole (provided there isn’t a dress code). Before the game, let your joggers and cut off take you to get done what you need to: chores, stocking up on food and fuel, or your morning workout.

Want to play a game before the game? Joggers and a cut off are the unofficial sports uniform for Sunday football fans.

Not into sports? That’s okay. This gameday combo is ideal for lounging after a tough workout, watching a movie, or studying for those reports.

Poolside Cookout 

Shorts and Compression Tank-top: During the hot months of summer, is there anything quite like a barbeque? Gathering with your friends and family, you can station yourself at the grill preparing a backyard feast. Whether you’re the chef or the guest, shorts and a compression tank top let you enjoy the party. Comfortable and stylish, compression tank tops are redefining what it means to look good in a tank.

Where You Can Wear It: Are you at the grill? Shorts and a compression tank top keep you cool without getting in the way of flipping burgers and hot dogs. 

Enjoying the party from the cooler or the pool? Same outfit applies. Shorts and a compression tank top are the socially acceptable way to dress when there’s a pool nearby. This combo lets you work on your tan at the cookout, the beach, or in your own backyard.

Shorts and a compression tank top also let you get in a killer workout with improved blood flow. Get in those reps then head over to the cookout.

Yoga and Park Picnic 

Leggings, Sports Bra, and Crop Top: Outside of those traditional robes, is there any other outfit that defines the yoga movement for women like leggings, a sports bra, and a crop top? Offering a high level of comfort, this combo hold ensures everything stays in place as you’re moving from Downward Dog to Warrior One.

Where You Can Wear It: Obviously there’s no better place for these three than a yoga class. Fan of hot yoga but you’re afraid the clothes can’t take the heat? Think again. Leggings, sports bras, and crop tops are as durable as they are comfortable. That means you’ll be able to crank up the heat, move through those vinyasas, and not have to worry about your outfit.

Outside of yoga, this trio of workout clothing is perfectly acceptable to wear in your favorite coffee shop, during college classes, or on a long-haul flight to your favorite vacation destination.

What Is Your Favorite Workout Outfit? 

Do you wear any of these combinations? Have your own workout clothing picks that you wear outside the gym? Let us know in the comments below!