If you're seeking ways to make your legs look better while wearing jeans, you've come to the right place!

Take note, it'll take effort to make it happen, just like everything else in life. You need to religiously follow workouts and a proper diet, for starters. Whether you aim to lose weight or bulk up your skinny legs, those two factors will determine the results.

Scroll through and learn about effective ways you can try for your legs to fill out your jeans better, hotter. From the must-follows to the no-go, read on!

Workouts for Toned Legs

Get them Squats Going

Let’s get your quads working. Squats are an overall powerful move that engages the core, butt, and upper leg's quadriceps femoris. It's great especially for those who need to bulk up slim legs so at least it won't look like a toothpick wrapped in fabric!

How to do it:

Begin with standing with your feet apart. Make sure they’re hip-width apart.

Rotate your feet outside, around 45o, and extend your hands forward.

Squeeze your stomach in and imagine that there's a pencil in between you but that you need to keep hold of.

Take a breath in and slowly lower your upper body like you’re about to sit. Make sure that you keep a straight back.

Once your upper legs are almost parallel to the floor, with your knees at 90o, push the ground away with your legs as you exhale and get back up.

Do a set of 3 with 20 reps each. If that’s too much to handle, begin with 3 sets of 10 reps and slowly increase it over time.

Practice Reverse Lunges

It targets almost the same muscle group that squats do. But lunges are an isometric move that focuses on each leg more than squats do. It’s one of the best moves to get your legs amped up for a great jean fitting.

How to do it:

Stand with your feet together and engage your core. Place your hands on your waist.

Step one leg back like you’re about to make a wide step.

Breathe in and slowly lower your body until both knees are at 90o.

Make sure you keep most of your weight on the front foot and slowly push away from the floor as you get back to your original position while exhaling.

Perform the same mechanics on the other leg.

Try and push yourself for a set of 3 with 30 reps, or if that’s impossible at the moment, begin with 16 reps per set, set of 3.

Try out Bulgarian Split Squats

We’re taking the lunges to the next level. Bulgarian split squats are almost the same as lunges. The difference, the back foot is placed at around knee-high elevation, whether it's a chair, sofa, small table, etc.

Go for Calf Raises

It’ll be a bit off to have your upper leg toned up or bulked up while all along you have chicken lower legs. It’s just funny. So Check out this calf sculpting move.

How to do it:

Stand with your feet together and flex your core.

Then slowly transfer your weight to the balls of your feet as if you’re going to tiptoe.

Hold it for 5 seconds and lower your heels without totally touching the ground and raise them again.

Do calf raises as much as you can. It's also ideal to add elevation for increased intensity and better results. Simply find a ledge and place the balls of your feet on them while the rest of it is hanging, then perform the mechanics above.

The No-Go Exercises

What exercise you must avoid differs per goal. If you're aiming to get some muscle, aerobic activities such as running, jumping rope, and Zumba can be detrimental to your gains. You should only do it in the least amount, just to keep any excess fat away. But if what you are targeting is to slim it down, those forms of workouts can help boost your results.

Checking your Diet

Get your muscular legs in no time by being smart about what you feed yourself with. Here are few diet suggestions to help your journey:


  • steak, tenderloin, especially chicken breast
  • milk, healthy yogurt
  • cucumber, mushroom, especially spinach
  • berries, bananas, avocados
  • walnuts, chia, and flax seeds
  • black beans
  • whole-grain bread
  • cassava and potatoes
  • olive oil


  • drinking too much alcohol
  • fried foods
  • sugar, or at least artificial sweeteners
  • fatty foods



If you're skinny, taking supplements will help increase your overall gains. Supplements like whey protein, creatine monohydrate, and caffeine are some of the staple products you'll find in the market easily.

Keep in Mind

These will only work if you are taking care of yourself in other aspects of your life. Things such as sleeping at least 8 hours per night are vital for recovery. Avoiding stress and vices will also lead to a healthier life. Remember, don't go too hard in one go that you'll be left injured and out for a week or more. Take it slowly. Patience is the key.


Sculpting your legs to better fill out your jeans is not impossible. You'll end up with more. With good health and overall fitness!

Just follow the right exercises and be conscious about your diet. There's no point working out when what you eat sabotages your progress. Get enough rest, don't overtrain. It's the key to the muscle-building process.


No matter your fitness level, adding more and more load and stress to your workout routine will also result in more gains. Over the long run, you reach your body's full potential and look good wearing whatever type of jeans you please. No more chicken legs. No more ripping jeans. Get your dream fit by following this guide to build slim muscular legs to fill out jeans.