College Girl Dumps Bodybuilder Boyfriend for Wearing Tight Skinny Jeans

The love story of two students at Florida State University abruptly came to an end after Josephine confronted her boyfriend Mattew over his poor taste in skinny jeans.

All hell broke loose when Mattew collapsed at the college party as a result of what the doctor would attribute to as " numbness, muscle cramps and reduction of blood to the heart"

This incident happened when the two couples decided to celebrate their second year anniversary at a college party. Apparently, Mattew who is a member of the college's football team came to the party in what many will call a fashion hazard.

"I saw Mattew come to the party in one of the tightest jeans ever, his face was all pink and he kept breathing heavily, I could clearly feel his discomfort," Andrew a member of the football said via email. "We literally had to cut the jeans off Mattew when he fainted" he concluded.

Some students at the college party blamed Mattew for opting to put on a skinny jean despite him being aware of his body size but skinny jeans are different from tight jeans. 

When does Skinny jeans become Tight?

Skinny jeans are in fact elastic and surprisingly comfortable, stretching easily to include all shapes of bottom and all social groups. However, a skinny jean becomes tight when

  • It takes a lot of wriggle to fit into the jeans.
  • your waist is really uncomfortable after you eventually fit into the jeans.
  • the waist of your jeans is too small or the inseam is too short.
  • The threads of the jeans leave nasty red welts on your skin.
  • The zip won’t stay up.

I am 100% certain Matthew noticed some of the attributes mentioned above in the jeans he decided to wear to the party but he opted to go for it because it was his favorite.

Skinny Jeans

This poor choice made by Matthew in what to wear, led to him passing out in front of half the campus. Also, when word got out he passed out because he wore his "baby brother jean," He became the campus clown and finally, Josephine had to break up with him because she couldn't take the embarrasnt he caused.

"Matthew caused a bit of a panic at the party which later became embarrassing for Josephine" Lorine a friend of Josephine told the reporter via email " she had always advised Matt on the need to change his wardrobe" she added.

There were a lot of critics that came for Josephine after she broke things with Matthew over his poor choice in clothing. Few of the critics supported Matthews's choice saying "He wore what he saw as best for him." Below we are going reasons why Matthew should have never worn a tight jean.

Why Matthew Shouldn't wear tight jeans?


Mattew is a football player at Florida State University who plays defense, this obviously means he is of muscular build. There are not many brands of jeans that cater to muscular men only a few do so, an example is Size up Tri-stretch denim. 

Tight jeans for muscular men restrict free movement and are never 100% comfortable. Even though your quads are somehow able to fit into the jean, they begin to hurt after a few movements in them.

This is why it is not worth letting your lower body “suffocate” inside very tight clothing simply to look good as in the case of Matthew. Tight jeans make the leg look shorter which causes restrictions in ways you can be mobile.

Also, only condoms and a few worthless items can fit into a tight jeans pocket, the pockets are just there for show. There is also the fact that tight jeans are just a heartbeat from ripping apart.

Health Reasons

According to an article by essentials, a 35-year-old Australian in 2015 had to be hospitalized after the tight jeans she wore caused her calves to swell, cutting off blood supply and nerves. This obviously is a similar incident Mattew went through at the party.

Your favorite pair of jeans can be a health hazard when it is too tight to fit into. Super tight jeans can also hinder blood circulation which can lead to a mess of other things e.g passing out while singing karaoke in front of your buddies.

Other health reasons include

  • Tight jeans can cause guys infection, the crotch area can become a sweet spot for bacteria to procreate. This is due to the conditions of excessive heat and moistness
  • Very tight jeans can cause a slow rate of digestion, causing indigestion
  • Tight jeans can make the crotch area become itchy due to lack of external air, which can also give a foul odor.
  • Jeans that are too narrow can cause Bladder problems and low sperm count
  • Tight jeans can cause Twisted testicles, tight jeans don't just rumple the “little guys” down there. They can actually harm them

Feminine Looks

Except Matthew is a member of the esteemed LGBTQ community, a tight jean will give him a feminine look.

Undoubtedly, many would say that clothes are inanimate and don't have genders. But, to be honest, tight jeans are simply unattractive for guys with huge quads and calves.

Tight Jeans

As a guy, you should want your pants to display a V-shaped outline. But tight jeans tend to compress your legs all the way down from the hips – so that silhouette “mutates” into a Y-shape instead which is highly unattractive.

Discomfort, pain, and looks are not just reasons why Matthew should never have worn tight jeans. Let's try and picture Mattews two testicles stuffed in a tightly knotted rubber bag.

What kind of jeans would have been perfect for Matthew?

There are several jeans that would have been perfect for Matthew, among them are those listed below.

The Athletic Fit Jeans

Ideal for guys like Matthew with muscular thighs, the athletic fit jeans create an extra room around the thighs. This extra room gives easy mobility and makes one feel relaxed. This style of jeans also sits well on the waist and it is originally for weight lifters.

The Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans fit guys with larger quads than the ordinary guy. The stretch of the jeans accommodates various range of movements and offers nice comfort as a jogger would. The stretch jeans are also durable and a great fit for parties.

Tri-stretch Jeans

It also holds the waist tight and can be worn with or without a belt. This denim jean provides a stretchy feel that adjusts to the perfect size. It offers a cozy fit that accentuates the quads and calves.

The new Tri-stretch jean made by size up will be the perfect fit for Matthew to wear to the party. The Size Up Tri-stretch Denim Jeans make one feel comfortable while adding style to you. It looks tight fit but it is free around the thighs and gives one enough mobility. 

Size Up Tri-stretch Denim Jeans

Why Tri-stretch Jeans?

Comfortable: the Tri-stretch Jeans are comfortable enough that you can actually sleep in them. This style of jean is soft with pockets wide enough to hold all the necessary essentials one might have.

The Tri-stretch jean is made of cotton, spandex and hybrid elastane. These materials allow for shape retention and 360-degree movement around the lower regions. The jean is also anti-bacterial and eco-friendly.

Affordable: the tri-stretch jean goes for $45 making it budget-friendly when you compare to its peers going for $100. When two pairs of tri-stretch jeans are purchased online, they are shipped for free.

The tri-stretch jeans offer to its buyer's low spending power and plenty of staying power. This is highly appealing to someone who might be cash strapped and needs a jean for an occasion.

Readily available: purchase a tri-stretch jean at sizeup today and delivery will be made within a maximum of two days. This gives customers an edge to be able to purchase a quality fit jean speedily for it's future occasions.

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