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Become an ambassador to start earning great gear, exclusive discounts, and even cold hard cash! The Size Up Ambassador program is for our followers, customers and hungry individuals. These individuals will be selected by the head of the ambassador program.

We are constantly being asked to sponsor athletes, musicians, models and personalities. We wish we could take them all on, but this is a business. We here at Size Up have a standard of GREATNESS & HUNGER! We believe that hard work, dedication and performance is what made our company. We want those individuals to be the ones we're sponsoring!


Promote our product through your platform and earn a commission for every sale made via Share-A-Sale. 

We have made this process very easy by opting to move our affiliate program to Share-A-Sale and the signing up and getting paid is more seamless than ever!

See below to find out more about our affiliate program.

Sign up through Share-a-Sale

Why We're The Best Choice?

Standard commissions that can increase depending on the number of sales you get and your performance as either an ambassador or an affiliate.

Commission Tiers

Affiliates will receive 7% commission on all sales generated throughout the pay period (total sales $499.99 and below). Affiliates will earn an additional 1% for every $500 converted per pay period. (12% MAX, so at $2500 sales, you will get 12% commission). Affiliates who reach $1,000 (within the pay period) will receive free product(s) sent by Size Up.

Discount codes

We run promotions from time to time and you can use these discount codes to promote to your platform. We notify our affiliates when we will be running promotions via email together with the code they can use to promote.
Occasionally, we may be inclined to give some chosen affiliates a discount code they can use whenever they promote depending on the sales they generate.


This is where the brand ambassador program comes in. We accept most people when applying to be part of our affiliate program but not all of them can be part of the ambassador program. If you think you have what it takes to become a brand ambassador, fill in the form below and contact us first. 

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