Jeans are part of every man’s way of life. From the guy next door to the famous guy on television, we all have at least a pair of jeans in our closet. We all enjoy the comfort and ease that comes with wearing a good pair of jeans.

 From the straight jeans down to some reliable sturdy work jeans and even to the ever-fashionable boot cut jeans, the denim world would always have a place to stay in the hearts of men. 

 This piece is all about skinny jeans. The best skinny jeans for men will be our main focus in this article. Let us take a look at what we have for you as we check out the incredible things that make up the best skinny jeans for men.


Things to consider before buying your skinny jeans  

 Many of us don't usually consider some key things before swiping out our cards for a new pair of skinny jeans. Here, we are going to be intimating you on those necessary details to look out for such as



As a man, you know you are going to be wearing your jeans for a very long time and you expect your jeans to be able to endure any weather, wear and tear. 

You do not want jeans that slacken or loses its color off after one wash. Every man deserves some quality jeans.



To get the best skinny jeans, you have to look out for the brands that have been tested and trusted in the denim world. Most men don’t care about the type of brand they wear so long as they get a good piece of jeans which isn’t always the best idea.

 We have some trustworthy brands like Levi’s, Everlane, Baldwin, SizeUp, and so on. These brands have been recognized for their premium skinny jeans made with good quality and style.



Imagine not being able to move freely in your skinny jeans because your jeans are too tight in the middle or worse having your jeans rip open in public. No one should ever be caught in that situation. This is why comfort is one of the key things you should check out for when choosing your skinny jeans. 

 Some men don’t like skinny jeans because they already perceive that skinny jeans can be difficult to take off. A great idea is to go for stretchy skinny jeans. Size Up’s Tri-Stretch Midnight Blue Denim Jeans is a perfect example.   

 To get the best skinny jeans for men with comfort, always check the reviews on your choice of jeans before deciding to add them to your cart.



No one can blame a man for setting a budget, especially setting a budget for your hunt to get yourself a pair of good skinny jeans. 

 Prices and budgets vary, based on the taste of every man. Getting a $100 pair of jeans might seem too expensive to some compared to having a $25 budget. Getting an expensive Gucci jean might be your preference but to some, having a budget-friendly Size Up jeans or Levi’s is their best option.



Most skinny jeans come with a tapered fit as they go down the calf and thighs and a close cut to the leg. That is the popular style and example we all know for skinny jeans but there is the “Spray-on” style, this style reveals the curves of men’s calf as it is cut to fit the leg very tight like a second skin.

 Skinny jeans are also designed in different styles. We have the distressed or ripped skinny jeans, camo-designed, painted skinny jeans, and so on. 



Skinny jeans can be worn for different outings including a night out with friends at the club, a quick walk in the park, a date night, and so on.

Having to pair your skinny jeans is simple as it goes right with various choices of shirts.

Even for a work outfit, pair a black of smooth skinny jeans with a shirt, and don’t forget to wear a nice blazer jacket to go.



 For every man, looking good is good business. Who doesn't like to look presentable and dashing? Getting the right pairing of outfits always put a shine to our day and a lighter step to our feet. 


Body Building 

To have a great skinny jeans experience, it is advisable to have a toned body. Especially for your leg muscles. You don't have to go all the way out to do what you are not comfortable with but it would not hurt if you tried. 

Skinny jeans always look fit and right on a toned up body because it shows and wraps around the leg muscles. Why do you think bodybuilders like skinny jeans? Because they know they look nice in it. 

If you're skinny or fat, you might not be comfortable wearing a pair of skinny jeans and that is why you need to tone up your muscles to have a nicer fit. 


Choosing the right footwear 


Boots! Ankle Boots! 

Wearing a cool pair of ankle boots with your skinny jeans is something you should try if you haven't before. 

Of course, skinny jeans go with different types of footwear but if you want to look sophisticated and cool. Matching your skinny jeans with Chelsea boot or chukka boots can never go wrong. 



Fashion is progressing everyday and we get to see new and exciting fashion ideas taking the world by storm. Wearing smart shoes like a pair of Loafers on skinny jeans has become a fashion trend that has come to stay. 

Feeling skeptical about trying out your loafers with your skinny jeans? Take a leap of faith today and discover the amazing intervention of pairing both. You will definitely be pleased with yourself for making a nice choice as you introduce yourself to practicality and comfort. 


Wearing a suit jacket to go

As I stated earlier, wearing a blazer jacket with your skinny jeans is always worth it. It shows your taste in good fashion.

Picture this, heading out to work in a nice pair of blazers and skinny jeans looking dashing and still looking professional. Then after a productive day at work, you go ahead to meet your buddies at the bar. You relax as you take off your blazer jacket, showing off your toned arms as you stretch your shoulders. You still look good either for work or for fun. 


Your Jeans Colour 

When getting a new pair of skinny jeans, try going for the typical black or deep blue. It goes right with any shirt color and it goes with all shades of skin color. 

 Wearing black or blue is versatile and matches different tops. You might not feel confident wearing other color because you might be uncomfortable with the way it looks. 

If you are sure about what you want go bold and own a piece of white skinny jeans. With confidence, you can pull off anything you want. 


How to take care of your skinny jeans 

 Wash your skinny jeans the same way you wash your other denim jeans.Coldwater helps it from shrinking. To prevent the color from washing don't forget to turn it inside out. You should hang it over a line or drying rack to dry. 


Best skinny jeans for men 


Just as we have stated earlier, we only want the best skinny jeans for men in the denim world. Skinny jeans are the new rave this season and it is a style that can never go wrong for any man. 

 From the typical skinny jeans, to the Spray-on jeans, to distressed or ripped skinny jeans, there are lots of varieties for you to choose from. 

 That is why we are bringing you Size Up's best skinny jeans for men. Size Up apparel has risen to be a trustworthy brand in the men's fashion world. Their unique style and  modern-day man designs have made Size Up a must-have for every man.

 Size Up offers various and stylish best skinny jeans for men and it consists of the whole characteristics a good skinny jeans should have. Size Up offers quality denim jeans that are budget-friendly, stylish, and comfortable. 


Size Up Tri-Stretch Painted Distress Denim is a typical example of best skinny jeans for men. According to customers' reviews, these jeans are a great fit for anyone having a hard time fitting their quads into skinny jeans. It is very comfortable and easy to wear. 


Size Up Tri-Stretch Midnight Blue Denim Jeans are another great merchandise from Size Up. This five-star denim jeans is a must-have for you. It fits perfectly well and is very comfortable to move in. one very happy customer reviewed that the jeans were so nice and stylish. A clean yet modern look with awesome quality.


Why don't you check Size Up Apparels today to get your best skinny jeans that completely fits your taste and style?

Don't forget to check the customer reviews to know more and make the right choice. We want what is best for you and that's why we at Size Up only offer the best of skinny jeans for men.