Streetwear is gradually becoming a force to reckon with in the fashion industry with newly designed hoodies at the forefront championing its cause. I have to say it’s exciting to see the once very humble hoodie trend in the fashion world. 

In my opinion, the hoodie is definitely one of man’s greatest inventions since Wal-Mart. Over the years we have watched this extraordinary invention go from regular field sportswear to rocking the runways of almost every high-end brand to crossing off almost all other fashionable movements along the way. 

In today’s time the hoodie is everywhere. It has become a generally accepted idea across all ages, cultures and races. It’s about time too because sweatshirts with hoods spell out functional yet stylish so well. 

Why You need a Hoodie?

Hoodies have your back for a lazy afternoon of Netflix and chill, beautiful strolls around the city, work out session at the gym, lunch dates with friends and almost every other situation you can think of. 

Hoodies are really hot right now and we have many brands and clothing labels paying attention. Various collections are popping off daily with creative designs, trendy prints, and vibrant colors to meet your wardrobe needs. 

Drake wearing an OVO style Hoodie

Since the lawmakers in fashion have declared 2020 to be the season of multilayered clothing, loose shapes and retro designs. Here’s the right time to run to the nearest store for an award-winning hoodie 

It’s funny how almost everyone owns a hoodie but only a few people know how to actually rock it. Now before paying top dollar for that hoodie here are a few but necessary details you need to know.

Size and Fit 

There’s a huge difference between a hoodie that’s just comfortable and one that’s super stylish. As you know, all hoodies don’t usually come in a tailored fit. So if you want a hoodie that’s fitted you might want to try sizing down. 

If you are normally a large try a medium. If you are normally a medium try a small. We are not shading oversized hoodies. They are still cool especially if you are in love with street culture. The main idea is to try to make it work.

Material/ fabric

You want to get a hoodie that is hard-wearing, washable and comfortable for your activities. This is why the most likely options available at stores are cotton or cotton blends.

We also have other high-end brands switching things up with more expensive materials. Such as merino wool, fur, and cashmere in case you want to try something new.


Some men have a preference for plain, regular hoodies without graphics or prints. While others prefer hoodies with graphics or designs that depict something important to them. Hoodies also come with various sleeve lengths. Such as short sleeves or sleeveless.
Now with all that being said let’s get into the top 7 hoodies that are killing it this season

Fitted hoodies

A lot of style influencers would agree that you can never go wrong with a fitted hoodie. That’s because a lot of traditional men’s wears are usually fitted clothes. 

Even so you’re going to need a fitted hoodie for your oversized jackets and coats or for times where you need to dress warmer. Fitted hoodies are also a great addition to your workout wear. They also work if you need to drop by somewhere after the gym.

My personal favorite is pairing a fitted hoodie with a denim or leather jacket, nice jeans and boots. Trust me; fitted hoodies can take you from bus driver Barry to super stylish ninja in no time.

Neutral color hoodies

Neutral colors like black, olive and nude are great because they can be paired with almost any outfits. They color block extremely well especially if you want to wear your hoodie alone. 

I am going to recommend that you improve your hoodie game with vintage wash or acid wash hoodies. They have this faded look that gives of a pretty chilled vibe. They also work pretty well with black and any other monochromatic color blocking aesthetics. Basically they are a must try.

Oversized hoodies

Pop Star Rihanna Wearing an Oversized Hoodie

An oversized hoodie could still be considered fashionable if you can pair it with the right things. For instance it’s better to contrast an oversized hoodie with a pair of skinny jeans to create a casual look. 

You could also try wearing an oversized hoodie over a longer shirt that can be seen under the hoodie. This provides a much-layered look. Honestly, oversized hoodies can be tricky. The best thing is to go with whatever works best with your body type.

Graphic hoodies

Graphic hoodies

Graphic hoodies are very popular nowadays. Lots of various clothing labels and brands are getting behind them. Graphic hoodies are a great way of showcasing your personality. You can get your hoodies from your favorite store or brand with their logos or designs printed about it. You can also get hoodies with slogans or messages that are unique and have quite a bit of sentimental value.

Colored and color-blocked hoodies

These are a great way to add a splash of colors to your outfit while staying warm and cozy. You can also rock them as a top layer or a middle layer. Colors like maroon, mustard and salmon as well as other conventional colors are definitely trendy this season.

Colored and color-blocked hoodies

If you love colored hoodies you definitely have to try color-blocked hoodies. They are the perfect way to spice up your outfits and have you pulling off an effortless classic 80’s vibe in no time 

Zip-up hoodies

Zip-up hoodies are hoodies with zippers. zip-up hoodies are a huge step up from the regular pullover hoodies. Most pullover hoodies are usually sports-oriented. zip-up hoodies are much more functional. and can be a great fashion asset to your wardrobe.

Zip up hoodies come in various colors fabrics and designs. They can serve as an extra layer of warmth under a jacket or as a stylish top layer over a nice pair of pants. Zip up hoodies are a huge favorite among most athletes and are perfect for working out at the gym 

Sleeveless and Short-sleeved hoodies 

Switch up your game with sleeveless and short-sleeved hoodies. These hoodies are fast becoming a trend with many celebrities joining in on it. 

Sleeveless hoodies are very easy to pull off in and out of the gym. They can also be worn as a top layer during warmer months or worn over a t-shirt or sweatshirt during colder seasons. Point is they are very versatile all year round. 

Various collections of sleeveless hoodies feature different designs. Some have zippers while some don’t. Others could be plain or with dope graphics and some provide a much slimmer fit than others. 

A short-sleeved hoodie looks especially nice when paired with jeans or shorts. They are very comfortable and work for almost all events. So whether you’re looking for something to wear to the gym or to hang out with the guys; a nice sleeveless or short sleeved hoodie could be the right fit.

Check out our top 5 hoodies from size up apparel -

Size up apparel is a fashion-forward athleisure brand. They provide quality and trendy workout clothes for both men and women. Here are our top 5 favorites from their 2020 collection.

Black Sleeveless Zip Up Men’s Training Hoodie

Size up Black Sleeveless Zip Up Men’s Training Hoodie

This hoodie looks as good as it fits and is worth every penny. Not into black, the red variant is also available on the website. Size up’s black sleeveless hoodie is very comfortable and versatile. It is slim but still has enough room to breathe and move. This hoodie is perfect for running, gym sessions and casual outings.

Salmon Acid Warm-Up hoodie

The Acid warm-up hoodie offers a more relaxed fit. It is short sleeved with a scoop hem and drawstring hood. It also has a front pocket with 2 side openings. Available in all sizes the acid-washed salmon colour is unique and refreshing. Other color variants are also available on the website. This hoodie is a great addition to your wardrobe collection.

Size Up Signature Rose Hoodie 

Size Up Signature Rose Hoodie

Who said roses are only meant for the ladies? check out this fantastic signature rose hoodie from size up apparel. This hoodie speaks style in volumes and it’s also very comfortable to wear.

Size Up Nude Dynasty Hoodie

This hoodie embraces the neutral trends like none other. The light nude tones and white stripes are perfect for achieving a nice slim masculine effect. The nude dynasty hoodie is also super comfortable very functional and unique.

Size Up Tundra Zip Up

Size Up Tundra Zip Up

Christmas definitely came early with this beautiful black tundra hoodie from size up. It’s designed for ample comfort and style and is perfect for our workout junkies. Athletes jump in here because this is a hoodie that would fit seamlessly into your work out lifestyle.