Why Men Should Only Wear Skinny Jeans

There was a time in the US when people weren’t fat. Being overweight was the *exception* …not the norm like it is today. Super-sizing hadn’t been invented and people weren’t eating every meal at some fast food joint. Clothing was much more form-fitting …because it could be …all the way through the 70’s up until about the beginning of the 80’s. Among other causal factors, the birth of the computer game sounded the death knell and demise of kids playing outside …getting exercise. Instead, they’d sit for hours on their ever expanding a$es while their parents simply looked on. Now we have a wealth of fat parents, raising fat kids who in turn become the next generation of fat adults. And with all this excessive flesh your average American began sporting came the invention of relaxed fit, comfort fit, loose and baggy jeans, pants and shorts. Something needed to be done to cover up all this human bulk. I mean Levis had to do something or risk going out of business for lack of clothing that would fit the “Modern Man”.

And then something happened. A small revolution. A glimmer of a return to a more healthy society. Folks started to stay lean …I dislike using the term “skinny” since it conjures up an unhealthy physical state …although compared to some of the human leviathans wobbling about they do look “skinny”. Folks started to get lean. Folks started exercising and eating better. And they wanted something other than the tent-like clothing filling the racks at the stores. And the clothing makers caught on. It’s not just lean cut pants and jeans …it’s slim fit and athletic fit shirts. The modern business suit has been trimmed and tailored to fit the modern lean male body. And this is cause for celebration.

Believe it or not, the skinny style of pants …at least for men …doesn’t date back to the 80’s. It dates back to the *SIXTIES*. I have used this photo many times when talking about the “latest” fashion craze and the slim, skinny, super skinny and joggings styles in the jeans genre.

skinny jeans by Size up –


Essentially it a style of jeans that are super tight aka skinny around the legs it is worn by men and women.

I myself cannot wear it cause I am overweight but when when I was a rail in high school my calves by genetics are too big to wear them comfortably.


Advantage of 

Sizeup skinny Jeans
  1. Tight jeans are currently the top ranking, top selling and most stocked style across the globe and this is why, most people love to follow the skinny jeans rage.



  1. Being made of slim silhouette, tight jeans render an appealing persona to the lower body making it appear slimmer and shapely.



  1. If wearing the right fit, tight jeans are extremely comfortable while easing mobility and giving you the freedom to rock it with umpteen oomph and style.



  1. Shirts, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, long tunics, off shoulder or cold shoulder tops, etc. can be well matched with tight jeans. In fact, tight jeans augment the whole appeal of the kind of top, t-shirt or shirt you are teaming it up with.



  1. Tight jeans is a style not just confined to women. Men can look equally great in tight jeans.



  1. With a versatile range of styles and colour options, the trend of wearing tight jeans is here to stay for a long time.

How to Wear Skinny Jean in 2020 ?

Skinny jeans are the kind of wardrobe staple that are akin to Breton tops and black blazers. While they’re definitely not the most fashion-forward of denim styles, when it comes to a classic that you can rely on, they’re an easy choice. But if you’re keen to make the drainpipe style feel more 2020, then do we have some good news. There’s a new way to wear them that feels fresh for the New Year. 

Believe it or not, skinny jeans are sexy on muscular legs have been given a style overhaul by a few Instagram influencers, and we love it—and the key to making them feel brand new is all about the footwear. Instead of pairing with ballet pumps or knee-high boots (previously both classic styling choices), the 2020 way to wear them is with big chunky boots. Of course, most have opted to wear their black skinnies with the Bottega Veneta boots, but there are plenty of other options around. And as for the styling on top, wear a chunky knit, an over shirt or a long coat.

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