When we see the world of fashion, women fashion has been ruling it since the time fashion started. We always asked when men fashion will come, put an end and rule it. The new era of fashion will begin but before we have to make sure men must fashion it right and show they own this place.


Today I wanna go over the 10 things men wear that women love.

  1. Well Fitted Suit.

This is the sexist item that a man could possibly wear, and that is a nice fitted suit. So this is basically a lingerie for a woman. When women see a guy in a beautiful tailored suit, it is just like so sexy. Do not wear ill-fitted suit, that is just an immediately boner killer.

  1. T-Shirt.

The next item that every woman loves on a man, and this regardless of your age or body age, is a nice fitting t-shirt. Sometimes just the most simplest of items is what really become attracted too. So wear nice fitted T-shirt.

  1. Dark wash Jeans

And alone with that nice-fitted t-shirt, in a nice dark-wash pair of jeans. A man in a T-shirt and some well-fitting dark-jeans. So sexy all you need.

  1. Sport Coat

And a next thing that a women love on a man is a great-fitting sport-coat. So for those times when a suit is just way too overboard, a sport coat really does the trick.

  1. Casual Jacket

Every guy needs a nice casual jacket, so stick with a good leather jacket either in black or a chocolate brown, or with a wool or cotton bomber jacket or a Harrington jacket.

  1. White Dress Shirt

Next on the list is a nice crisp white dress shirt. Women love just a really nice white dress shirt on men. And then you can always roll up the sleeves. It’s so sexy, but simple, women love it.

  1. Crew-Neck Sweater

Next on the list is, crew neck sweater, camel grey or charcoal. Just pair that with a nice dark-wash pair of jeans. It’s just a nice masculine, but still put together casual look.

And while we’re on the topic of sweater the next one is a more dressed-up version of the whole sweater look, and that is a V-neck sweater. So a V-neck sweater you should always wear with a collared shirt and never T-shirt because it just looks really cheesy. A well -dressed gentleman would never wear a T-shirt with a V-neck sweater.

  1. Lace-up Dress Shoes / Casual Lace-up Boot

A classic beautiful piece that women love and with casual lace-up boot, there’s just something so rugged and masculine about a man in a lace-up boot.

  1. Dress Watch

A nice dress watch, a woman uses as an indicator that you’re probably gonna be more mature, and the other aspects of your life will also be more put together.

  1. Tie bar

The last one on the list and little weird, but all the women talked more about this. That little piece of metal really makes a huge different when you have it with your suit or with a leather jacket. These little details that really makes an outfit looks absolutely incredible.