Are you still sporting tired old threads and hand-me-down t-shirts as gym clothes? Are you new to the fitness scene, and you’re not sure what gym etiquette deems appropriate to wear at your new facility? Fitness apparel has come a long way since the founding days of weight lifting. While workout clothes are now being designed for specific goals such as muscle building and performance, you can keep it simple as you stock your closet. 

Here are ten types of workout clothes that should be in your wardrobe to maximize your results.


The classic fitness apparel choice for any workout, the t-shirt is comfortable, convenient, and fashionable. T-shirts are the staple of almost any outfit and your workout clothes aren’t any different. Gym t-shirts have the added benefit of being blended with materials such as spandex and polyester to give them a more durable and tight-fitting feel, depending on your preference. In general, t-shirts for your workouts can be broken down into the following categories: 

  • Traditional
  • Loose feel
  • Compression


Whether you’re performing over-the-head exercises such as the military press and kettlebell swing, or you prefer to go sleeveless, tank tops are a great choice for fitness apparel. Tank tops allow for complete freedom of movement while letting you to show off the progress you’ve been making. Like the look of your toned arms and shoulders? Throw on a tank top.

Just like with gym t-shirts, tank tops that are designed for your workouts are tougher than your standard cotton-only choices. 

  • Traditional
  • Cut Off
  • Compression

Long Sleeve

Perfect for outdoor workouts or exercising during the colder months, long sleeve exercise shirts come in a variety of sport-friendly materials, ensuring durability. Long sleeve workout shirts can help you avoid the elements such as the wind, sunshine, and light rain. Most are made with materials that keep you dry while wicking away extra moisture. They are also handy outside the weight room as a comfortable undershirt alternative.

  • Lifestyle
  • Waffle
  • Sports


Joggers, or sweatpants, keep the body warm during winter workouts, offer a higher level of comfort than tight pants, and, like the t-shirt, are convenient to throw on. Whether you throw them on as soon as you get home form work, or you suit up before taking a walk, joggers are durable enough to last through movie night or your toughest workouts. The classic joggers are still the tried-and-true option for workout clothes, and they are a great choice for weekend wear.


The appropriate leg day selection, shorts provide an unrestricted range of motion and allow you to build that mind-to-muscle connection with your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Hike the shorts up a bit and watch the contraction of the muscle during leg extensions, deadlifts, and calf raises.

What’s more, if you’re working out in an old school without air conditioning, shorts help to keep you comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Lifestyle shorts are ideal for the weight room while ability shorts are going to become your new relaxation clothing.


The foundation of comfort and versatility, leggings are hands down the ideal fitness apparel selection for women. Able to be stretched several times their size, leggings are built tough to last during any workout or weekend outing. You can even take them off-road if hiking is your idea of a cardio workout. 

Leggings have also become acceptable and encouraged in the workplace – depending on your career – allowing you to get through your day with comfort and style.

Zip Up / Hoodie

Hoodies are the perfect way to keep your body temperature elevated if your goal is to drop weight, burn more calories, or simply stay warm during an outside jog. Hoodies are always in style, especially once winter arrives. Want the feel of a hoodie without the obnoxiously long sleeves? Try the short sleeved hoodie: Keeps you warm and looks good. Watch out though: your girlfriend might steal your workout hoodie so keep an eye out.


If you’re a dedicated runner, a high-quality windbreaker is a necessity for your workouts. When you’re training for that 5k or full marathon, weather is going to be your greatest enemy. It can’t always be sunshiny skies, and that’s where a windbreaker can help. Shielding you from strong winds, rain, and snow, windbreakers keep you dry, warm, and motivated to finish that workout. Best of all, windbreakers are built to last.


Whether you’re having a bad hair day or you’re about to jog during a bright and sunny day, a hat can benefit any workout. Fitness apparel hats wick away sweat, keeping it from trailing down into your eyes. They also help to keep your hair out of your face as you run, lift, or walk your way to your fitness goals. Not a fan of hats? Try a fitness headband; it provides the same benefits but it’s far easier to wash.

Perfect Accessory: Shaker Cup 

Once you’re all suited up, it’s going to be important to complete the outfit with a shaker cup. This is the definition of a complement to your workout. Shaker cups allow you to bring your supplements with you, help to keep you hydrated, and make a nice storage space for keys and ID.

Trying to build muscle? Use that shaker cup to mix up your favorite whey protein for proven results.

Want to burn more fat? Mix a powerful thermogenic, or fat burner supplement with your shaker cup to promote weight loss.

Need energy to get through the midday slump? Shake up your pre-workout or energy boosting supplement.

Which Workout Clothes Are Your Favorite to Wear? 

Do you have those “in-the-zone” workout clothes that you wear for your toughest fitness classes? Do you have that lucky shirt that you only wear on leg day?