7 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference with Your Women Fashion


Fashion mistakes are a little controversial, because really at the end of the day there should be no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. I don’t like having rules in pretty much any area of my life let alone fashion which is really all about fun and self-expression but after many years of working in fashion magazines, there are few things I see regularly and I think they are fashion mistake and by tweaking them and just make some small changes we can step out in style every single day.

So if you like to see what I think are a few fashion mistakes that are easily fixed then here it is.

  1. Limit Yourself

The first mistake that I think most of us make is that we limit our self when it comes to fashion. we limit ourselves because of age or because of our size. At the end of the day you’re too nothing to wear anything fashion is about fun and it is about self- expression and don’t limit yourself by thinking that there are certain things that you absolutely cannot wear. It really important to start with a clean slate, don’t decide that you can’t wear something because of something you’ve heard or something someone has perhaps told you.

  1. More Skin Isn’t Always Sexier

Another fashion mistake that is often made is the thinking that lots of skin and showing lots of skin equals sexy and in fact I think the opposite is actually quite true, showing little hints of skin but not too much is in my opinion far sexier than showing it all off and leaving nothing to the imagination. I think a gorgeous silk shirt worn with a pair of distressed denim jean and some heals is super sexy.

  1. You’re Secretly Intimidated

Another mistaking is, letting fashion intimidate you, now this may sound little strange but we are often intimidated by fashion labels and fashion assistants. When you walk in some fashion store and the staff will look amazing and they’re dressed top to toe immaculately looking great and we need to remember that’s their job, they’re in there all day every day playing with clothes creating outfits styling outfit, don’t feel intimidated by that.

  1. Listening to Bad Advice

The other mistake is listening what people have told us about what we shouldn’t wear. Something it’s our mother that have said to us that we shouldn’t wear a particular color or particular style but usually that’s not always true and trends of old fashion evolves and look evolve your personality changes do don’t let some those seeds that have been sown by other people get in the way and cloud your fashion judgement, if you put something on and it feels great and you feel good in it then it’s for you it  does work, don’t let other people dictate and sow a seed of doubt in your mind.


  1. Shopping the Same Labels

Shopping in the same store all the time, now I get that can feel really comfortable you know the style generally have a good idea that those particular brands will fit you but here’s the thing every season the fashion obviously changes and label also changed their look and feel. They will have a new buyer that comes in and starts buying a different look and feel they all have to evolve their label. Explore other labels and other stores to create your own of style and to help evolve you fashion sense.

  1. Mid-Calf Cropped Pants

Now it’s not right to talk about fashion but there is one fashion crime that is unflattering on everyone and that is the classic mid-calf cropped pants. Now the problem is until you have incredibly lean long legs anything that cuts you off mid-calf is going to highlight that part of your body. Mid-calf is the wildest part of our leg so why would we want to highlight that.

  1. Highlighting the Wrong Things

The last and most important fashion mistake which we can easily change and that is not wearing tops and shirts and pants that fall at the wildest part of your body. So for instance if you carry most of your weight on your hips the last thing you want is a top that will fall exactly on that widest part off your body, what that will do is it will highlight your area of your body so the eye is naturally drawn to that part of your body. Same thing with pant skirt short everything if you follow the rule of making surethat tour top and skirts and pants fall at the narrowest part of the body so it may be just below your knee it may be your ankle if you do carry most of your weight on hips then opt for a dipped hemline which will draw the eye down the body.